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US dairy cows produce the most milk

Cows in Denmark and the United States produce the most milk. On third position is the Netherlands. This is according to figures from the International Farm Comparison Network (IFCN).

When comparing the most important dairy exporting countries, it is seen that on average, cows in the US produce 10,000kg milk per year. Danish dairy cow produce 9,500kg, followed by Dutch cows with an average of 8,000kg.

Ireland and Poland are just slightly above the 5,000 kilograms of milk per cow. That is equal to the production per cow in Argentina and New Zealand. With an average output of 6,000 kilograms of milk per cow per year, cows in Australia produce a little bit better. The average production per cow in Germany and France lies between the production of the Netherlands and Australia.


  • What about Canadian production?? Average annual production of a Canadian dairy cow is approx. 9893 kgs of milk. Why omit that in your article?


  • ForthrightFarm

    Typically Isreal also has higher production than the US as well.

  • Scott Porter

    It is great to learn about these data but the reality is that there is always shortage of food all around the planet. We need to improve our farming techniques not just rely on GMO gigantic farms.

    Scott Porter (<>)

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