Webinar: New insights into SARA and Transition Challenges

Subacute rumen acidosis (SARA), a common metabolic disorder in dairy cows, suppresses dry matter intake (DMI) and milk production, and increases the risk of associated disease development, such as mastitis and lameness, leading to higher culling rate—all of which is costly for dairy producers. This webinar, hosted by Dairy Global in cooperation with Biomin, will look at recent research on SARA, contributing factors and tools producers can use to overcome SARA and transition challenges, including:


  • How mycotoxins or low glucose compound the risk of developing metabolic disorders and the dangers of SARA
  • Mycotoxin detection and mitigation for dairy herds
  • Why addressing low intake and rumen dysbiosis postpartum is key to glucose supply and  reduce metabolic disorder risk
  • The role of phytogenic and autolysed yeast feed additives in stimulating intake and rumen function to reduce SARA related dysbiosis and improve transition health
  • The webinar will have speakers Sabine Masching, MSc, a senior product manager for Mycotoxin Deactivation at Biomin as well as Dr Tyler Turner, PhD, ruminant specialist at Biomin. It will last an hour and will start at 3 pm CEST on Thursday, 21 November 2019.

    The webinar will be hosted by Zana van Dijk, deputy editor Dairy Global.


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    sabine masching

    Sabine Masching, MSc, senior product manager, Biomin

    Sabine Masching graduated from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, and joined Biomin in 2001. She worked for several years in the Biomin Research & Development department, where she was involved in different projects dealing with mycotoxin deactivation and the development of probiotic feed additives. She currently works as a senior product manager for Mycotoxin Deactivation.

    tyler turner

    Tyler Turner, PhD, ruminant specialist, Biomin

    Dr Tyler Turner received his doctorate from Sweden focused on rumen function, biohydrogenation and inflammation then continued with post-doctorate positions in Canada. After which, he shifted to industry where he has worked globally as a dairy specialist for a number of years before recently joining Biomin as a ruminant specialist.

    zana van dijk
    Zana van Dijk, host en deputy editor Dairy Global




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