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More milk production per cow in the US

The total milk production in the 23 major US states increased 1.5% in March, compared to the same month last year. Production per cow in March was the highest since 2013.

According to the latest data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), part of the USDA, the milk output in March totalled 17.8 billion pounds (8.07 billion litres), up 1.5% from March 2017.

Production per cow in the 23 major US states averaged 2,038 pounds (924.42 litres) for March, 22 pounds (9.98 litres) above March 2017. This is the highest production per cow for the month of March since the 23 state series began in 2003. The number of milk cows on farms in the 23 major states was 8.74 million head, 29,000 head more than March 2017, but 2,000 head less than February 2018.

In the first quarter of the year, the average number of milk cows in the United States was 9.41 million head, 9,000 head more than Q4 of 2017 (October – December), and 38,000 head more than the same period last year.

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