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‘We Are Dairy’ initiative aims to support the dairy industry

With a prize of USD$10,000, the ‘We Are Dairy’ initiative aims to encourage all dairy farm owners, managers, employees or dairy farming groups to come forward and, collectively, shine a spotlight on the progress being achieved in the dairy industry throughout the world.

Have you adapted your business to increase efficiency? Maybe you have made some simple and practical changes, or perhaps made a significant investment to achieve substantial reduction in your carbon footprint? Anything from savings on fuel or utilities, to a new housing design that has seen improvement in animal health, all contribute to the industry’s quest to become more sustainable.

Earlier this year, Diversey’s Deosan Agriculture hygiene brand, together with leading industry consultants, Promar International, launched the global ‘We Are Dairy’ Initiative to celebrate these positive changes and reward the efforts of individual farms playing their part towards sustainability. With the deadline fast approaching, it is worth reminding ourselves of the importance of this worldwide campaign, and the potential positive impact it could have on the industry’s environmental footprint.


With a prize equivalent to USD$10,000, the ‘We Are Dairy’ initiative aims to encourage all dairy farm owners, managers, employees or dairy farming groups to come forward and, collectively, shine a spotlight on the progress being achieved in the dairy industry throughout the world.

Alison Cox, Agricultural Global Application Specialist at Diversey explains, “We are keen to receive all ideas that drive sustainable advancements, especially those that can be easily replicated on other dairy farms. It can be anything, from changes in the farm’s infrastructure, to something amazingly cheap and simple. We hope to highlight sustainable solutions being implemented on dairy farms that have a positive impact on farm businesses, communities, or the supply chain, on a daily basis.

Alison continues, “This is also an opportunity for the dairy industry as a whole to stand up and demonstrate the extraordinary progress that has been made and the innovative ways in which farms have adapted to improve animal welfare and sustainability. In such a competitive marketplace, it’s important we show consumers the incredible work being done by the industry.

“There is increasing global recognition of the impact of farming on the environment. As individual businesses we all have a role in addressing this.”


Breaking new ground

Diversey invests heavily in R&D to develop new products that meet future demands. “An example is the recent addition of the Deosan HH+ footbath solution to the portfolio. This product supports the reversal of the hoof degradation process and therefore promotes foot health, which is beneficial to animal health and welfare. It has been specifically developed to be 100% water soluble to reduce environmental impact.

Deosan has also broken new ground in helping to make dairy farming better for the environment with Deosan Acidbrite, which is designed to circulate effectively without generating foam in cold water; even water below 10 oC. This modern chemistry enables dairy farmers to remove one hot wash from a twice (or three times) per day parlour wash routine without impacting hygiene results, reducing carbon emissions by up to 1.6 Metric tonnes per year, while also reducing running costs.

Alison adds, “In recognition of the tremendous will from farmers to be more proactive in terms of responsible waste management, we also joined up with Avanti, to become the first company in the UK to introduce a national scheme that offers a one stop collection service to any farm location for all plastic waste.

Meet the ‘We Are Dairy’ Judges

Alison Cox, Agricultural Global Application Specialist at Diversey. Alison has 40 years in the dairy farm sector, including practical farm experience, consultancy, product development, pharmacovigilance and disease control.

Daniel Daggett, Executive Director of Sustainability at Diversey. Dan has spent 19 years at Diversey in sustainability and product stewardship, and five years in Government public health.

Matt Sheehan, Principal Consultant at Promar International. Matt has 30 years in the dairy sector, in farm consultancy, operations management and supply chain sustainability. Matt has worked at Promar International, Dairy Farmers of Britain, Dairy Crest and NSF international.

Sharing progress and ideas to help the industry

“We know from some ‘We Are Dairy’ applications that there is some incredible work being done on farms throughout the world that make a difference. It maybe something such as installing LED lighting, or sourcing electric from alternative power sources or increasing feed efficiency in the diets. There are many examples that can be easily, and universally, replicated on other dairy farms, which, if achieved on a mass scale, would make a tremendous difference to our industry’s environmental impact and, ultimately, the long-term profitability of dairy farming.

“As a member of the judging panel, I am also thrilled to see the strong cooperative spirit throughout the world in the dairy sector. This is a credit to all the individuals working daily to produce a quality and nutritious product for the global population. By sharing the progress and ideas that drive sustainable advancements, the whole industry will benefit.”

Improving sustainability and animal welfare

To further illustrate the progress of the innovation and advancements, and promote the industry around the globe, Diversey and Promar will publish a report highlighting the impact on climate and welfare if the processes carried out by the finalists were applied by the international dairy farming community. “This is a major step forward in not only demonstrating what we can achieve, but also in sharing ideas between each other, and quantifying the impact of cooperation. If we all embrace the collective change we can make, our industry will benefit significantly.

“I urge all individuals working on dairy farms to support this global campaign. Tell us what you have done, or are in the process of doing, to improve animal welfare and the sustainability on your farm, or indeed encourage others who are on this journey to come forward and apply too. Let’s promote the dairy industry’s extraordinary achievements,” she concludes.

Applications can be made by visiting the We Are Dairy website by 31st August 2021. The winner, who will receive the USD$10,000 prize, will be announced in October.