Kemin launches new solutions for ruminants

At the recent seminar held in Athens, Greece 14 – 16 October 2019, Kemin launched 2 new product ranges to complete its Ruminant Essentialities portfolio.

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, has unveiled 2 new product ranges in its Ruminant Essentialities portfolio of solutions for animal nutrition and health. The new products include:

  • Kessent, a product range from the new Kemin-developed-and-produced rumen-protected Methionine, a necessary amino acid in ruminant diets, which works with Lysine—also a Kemin ingredient—for the precision feeding.
  • CholiGem, a Choline nutrition product developed and produced by Kemin, and which rounds out the Ruminant Essentialities portfolio.

“Today, we are reaching and perfecting the next level in ruminant nutrition through extensive services, solution offerings and technical expertise. Our goal is to continue expanding, to answer the needs of our customers and deliver essential nutrients for their animals as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said Stefaan Van Dyck, president, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA (Europe, Middle East, North Africa).

Stefaan van Dyck opens the Ruminant Essentials seminar on Monday 14 October 2019 in Athens, Greece. Photo Zana van Dijk.
Stefaan van Dyck opens the Ruminant Essentials seminar on Monday 14 October 2019 in Athens, Greece. Photo Zana van Dijk.

Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA debuted Kessent and CholiGem during an exclusive technical seminar this week in Athens, where Kemin introduced its newly created Ruminant Essentialities product portfolio.

The seminar kicked off with a health session followed by the amino acid session. Main speakers at the 2-day seminar included:

  • Fabio Lima, Ph. D Department of Veterinary Clinical Medicine, University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign
  • Paul Andrew LaPierre, Ph.D. Department of Animal Science – Dairy Nutrition and Biological Modeling, Cornell University, US
  • Tanya F,Gressley ,Ph.D. Department of Animal and Food Sciences, Delaware University, US
  • Sergio Calsamiglia Blancafort, Ph.D, Department of Animal Food and Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

The health session touched a very important phase in cows – the transition phase, 21 days before calving and 21 days after calving. Kemin talked about the role of the essential nutrient choline and its role in the transition period. Fabio Lima from the University mentioned in the seminar that “cows fed a normal daily diet only get about 30% of its daily requirement of choline.”

Benefits of choline for dairy cows

The seminar in addition to other topics also looked at how choline works in dairy cows and the benefits of this nutrient. It also looked at cows with choline deficiency, which leads to the development of fatty liver in cows.

During the seminar the benefits of choline in the diets of transition cows were highlighted, which include:

  • higher milk yield, better productivity,
  • higher feed intake,
  • improved IgC in colostrum and
  • reduces the instance of fatty liver.

Lima added that “choline helps with the challenging transition period in cows.” The newly launched CholiGem by Kemin is an encapsulated choline product containing 54% of choline concentration.

Photo: Mark Pasveer
Photo: Mark Pasveer

2 pillars

“Ruminant Essentialities by Kemin consists of 2 pillars: amino acid solutions, including the Kessent Methionine range of solutions, LysiGem, LysiPearl and MetiPearl, and solutions for improving animal health, including CholiGem, NutriCab, KemTrace and Toxfin,” said Van Dyck.

According to the latest nutritional models, ruminant diets must meet Methionine and Lysine needs. Therefore, nutritionists need a reliable source of both rumen-protected amino acids and the right technical knowledge for appropriate and profitable implementation.

“Kemin is the only global company that provides both rumen-protected amino acids Methionine and Lysine in a reliable way. Kessent is designed for a new way of farming that is based on fully tested and sustainable solutions,” said Diego Martinez del Olmo, product manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. “Kemin’s unique combination of special technical protection and ideal core technology, along with the right particle size and specific gravity, provides a high stability and homogeneity in a rumen-protected Methionine. These key characteristics supply the highest amount of Methionine available by the animal, as shown by the high rumen escape and high intestinal digestibility.”

The new Kessent range of Methionine solutions include:

  • Kessent M – the best source of metabolizable Methionine because of its unique encapsulation and core technology
  • Kessent MF Liquid – a liquid, pellet-stable, rumen-protected methionine
  • Kessent MF Dry – a dry, pellet-stable, rumen-protected methionine
  • Kessent MF Arome Dry – a dry, pellet-stable, rumen-protected methionine with improved palatability and feed smell.

Ruminant amino acid nutrition and health

Kemin’s Ruminant Essentialities portfolio offers a comprehensive set of amino acids for ruminant amino acid nutrition and health. Kemin’s other newly debuted ingredient, CholiGem, supports animal health improvement.

“Choline has received the most focus in ruminant health nutrition because of its contribution to better liver functioning during transition phase management and early lactation,” said Deepak Dubey, product manager, Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA. “In addition to higher production levels, Choline’s role in immunity, health and reproduction creates a strong argument for the essentiality of Choline nutrition in sustainable and profitable dairy farming.”

Kemin scientists have invested more than half a decade into designing a unique C3 model so that the next generation of encapsulated Choline solution – CholiGem – achieves the best results from Choline supplementation.

This model includes:

  • Choline Core: Kemin has developed its own Choline core. This discovery resulted in the right form, particle size and specific gravity in its new product, CholiGem.
  • Scientific Coating: Kemin encapsulated the Choline core with different levels of technical ingredients to improve the coating strength. This coating isn’t too strong or too weak, but a perfect scientific balance.
  • Choline Concentration: Today, most commercially available encapsulated Choline Chloride products contain a very low percentage of Choline Chloride. Kemin’s Choline core encapsulated with scientific coating resulted in double the Choline Chloride in CholiGem.

Intestinal digestibility

This model provides high stability and homogeneity in rumen-protected Choline. These key characteristics supply the highest amount of Choline available to the animal as a result of the high rumen escape and high intestinal digestibility. CholiGem brings increased bioavailability with along with a highly concentrated source of encapsulated Choline Chloride.

The CholiGem and the Kessent product range will be available in the EMENA market at the start of January 2020.

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