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Joskin: Efficiently meet the farmers’ needs

Since its creation, Joskin has been able to keep the same principle: efficiently meet the farmers’ needs. It is in that perspective that the group keeps investing in the expansion, optimisation and rationalisation of its 5 factories, as well as in the development of advanced technologies.

In 2018, after noticing a lack of supply from the agricultural industry’s specialists, Joskin decided to launch a new production technique: the series production. Out of this production chain grew the new Advantage Series campaign, with as unique motto: “a full equipment at best price”.

Efficient implements

Producing large quantities of the same machine has many advantages: the possibility to negotiate more attractive prices for raw materials, but also to more efficiently maximise the workforce. The aim is to give all users disadvantaged by the price and complexity of some machines the opportunity to acquire efficient implements.

The benefits of series production therefore allow to fit machines with extra implements, as well as many options, without impact on the final price. It is for instance the case of the Volumetra 14,500 l fitted with a 15 m Pendislide PRO, or of the Trans-KTP and Trans-CAP tipping trailers with air brakes in proportion to the load, or the 9.6 m Scariflex equipped with a 300-l seeder.

Machine of the Year 2019

Since its launch at the beginning of the year, the Advantage campaign has had an international success. The first Advantage machine was rewarded at the SIMA trade show in February 2019: the Modulo 11,000 Advantage was awarded “Machine of the Year 2019”. It is an easy machine, suitable for +/- 100 HP tractors, made up of an 11,000-l slurry tanker on which a Pendislide BASIC 7.5 m spreading boom is standard fitted. This harmonious combination, which is produced in limited edition, aims at one single goal: providing high-tech spreading efficiency with a maximum of simplicity.

The Modulo 11,000 Advantage was awarded “Machine of the Year 2019. Photo: Joskin
The Modulo 11,000 Advantage was awarded “Machine of the Year 2019. Photo: Joskin

Evolving catalogue

Since then, several other models of tankers, muck spreaders, tipping trailers, silage trailers and aerators entered the Advantage catalogue. Furthermore, the Joskin group would like that the new era due to its industrial developments allows to make exclusive, regular and complementary trade offers.

That is the reason why the Advantage range will keep expanding throughout the year. However, this does not include the implementation of a continuous and fixed production flow for the entire catalogue. Our machines are first selected and then equipped in order to meet all needs, from the most common to the most specific ones, depending on the world’s areas.

The Advantage range. Photo: Joskin
The Advantage range. Photo: Joskin

Unique Productions

On the occasion of this campaign, Joskin decided to innovate by integrating many novelties. The Modulo XXL is by the way born because of the high success of the first Modulo Advantage version. It is a tanker with a unique capacity of 20,000 l, fitted with, among other things, a sprung drawbar, a Bogie Roll-Over system with 150 axle and 420 x 180 brakes, and a JUROP PNR 155 pump (15,200 l/min). Its wheels with large diameter and its many high-tech options and pieces of pre-equipment will undoubtedly please many users!

With its new series, the Joskin group would like to give all farmers the opportunity to acquire very efficient implements. In short, one single motto for this Advantage campaign: “a full equipment at best price!”

The Modulo XXL born because of the first Modulo Advantage version. Photo: Joskin
The Modulo XXL born because of the first Modulo Advantage version. Photo: Joskin

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