Bill Woodley Owner of Woodley Dairy Direction, Canada

Bill Woodley started a dairy consulting company, Woodley Dairy Direction, focusing on dairy management and nutrition strategies to improve productivity after working for 37 years for a major North American Feed and Nutrition Company. Bill had a variety of roles over the last 37 years but always with a major emphasis on Dairy Nutrition and Management. Bill’s role as Ruminant Technical Manager provided a critical liaison between research and the practicalities of the dairy farm. Bill has written several articles for dairy focused magazines. His main emphasis through Woodley Dairy Direction is working with dairy operations and dairy specialists to “unlock the potential” on dairy herds. The key strategy is uncovering bottle-necks that are holding back production and developing time-lines for expected production responses. Bill focuses on what he calls “The Legacy Effect” - understanding management and nutrition decisions made on dairy farms today that will affect future production.