Joep Driessen Vet and founder of Cowsignals Training Company

Joep Driessen (1964) was qualified as a veterinarian at the University of Utrecht in 1994. After 2 years in a dairy practise as a vet he founded CowSignals together with Jan Hulsen. In 2007 Joep founded the CowSignals Training Company. He is active in 66 countries with CowSignals trainings. He is a very experienced trainer, consultant and speaker. With CowSignals he offers a practical and science based concept to look at cows for farmers, vets, feed advisors, barn designers, fertility experts, dairy processors and all other involved in the dairy industry. His goal is to improve animal health and double the productive lifetime of cows from 2.5 to 5 lactations. Happy cows, happy farmers! With PeopleSignals he developed a programme to help advisors and trainers have more impact and to help farm manager motivate and educate their staff. Joep has over 500 CowSignals advisor and trainers active in 50 countries.