Dairy Diary: April business update

29-04-2021 | |
Photo: Misset
Photo: Misset

What did the month of April unveil? From the latest product launch to carbon credits generated from cattle emissions.

Cogent launches Primestart Colostrum

Cogent has launched Primestart Colostrum, a water soluble, fortified colostrum product, which aims to ensure newborn calves are offered a natural, high quality colostrum feed at birth. Guaranteed to be free from TB, EBL, IBR & JOHNES, Primestart Colostrum is fully approved by the VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate) and gives farmers assurance that calves will be fed a superior colostrum product, whilst protecting them from a range of transferable health risks. Primestart Colostrum, which is manufactured in the UK, is available in boxes of 12 or pallets of 40 boxes. Each sachet is 700g, which is mixed with 2 litres of warm water and fed to each calf within the first 6 hours of life.

Photo: Cogent

Photo: Cogent

Weltec Biopower delivers 2 biogas plants to Japan

Weltec Biopower is currently setting up 2 agricultural 250-kW biogas plants for one of Japan‘s major milk producers. One of the plants is being set up in Urahoro on Japan‘s island of Hokkaido. The second plant is being built in Sakata in the prefecture of Yamagato on Honshu, the largest island. The structural design of the 2 biogas plants takes the earthquake risk in these regions into consideration. The generated power and heat will be used directly on site in order to enable energy autonomy. The commissioning will take place in summer 2021 in Urahoro and in autumn 2021 in Sakata. Weltec’s latest biogas projects in Japan are hybrid dairy farms. This means that the embryos of special beef cattle breeds are transferred to dairy cows, allowing the farm to produce both milk and beef. Every year, the 2 locations of an agricultural company group yield approximately 30,000 t of liquid cattle manure, which will be used for the energy production in the anaerobic digestion plants.

Photo: Weltec Biopower

Photo: Weltec Biopower

CCPA appoints new general manager

A union of cooperatives specialised in animal nutrition, CCPA, announces the arrival of Olivier Poli as the Group’s new general manager. CCPA’s Board of Directors, chaired by Mickaël Marcerou, is making changes to the Group’s governance by appointing Olivier Poli to the position of General Manager. He assumed his new duties on 1 April 2021. Olivier Poli, 51, has extensive experience in the field of animal nutrition as he has spent the greater part of his career in the sector at international level. Recognised for his talents as a General Manager, whether in his management mode or his ability to develop an overview of the business, he has agreed to take up this exciting new challenge at the head of the CCPA Group.

Olivier Poli CCPA Group's new general manager. Photo: Stéphane Maillard

Olivier Poli CCPA Group’s new general manager. Photo: Stéphane Maillard

World’s first carbon credits generated from cattle burps

In the lead up to COP26, Swiss-British Agritech firm Mootral launches the world’s first carbon credits generated from cattle burp emission reductions. Cows are creating the world’s first cattle-generated carbon credits thanks to Mootral’s breakthrough natural feed supplement, Mootral Ruminant. The cattle feed supplement is proven to cut the amount of methane they release by up to 38%, while increasing yield naturally and enabling production of climate-friendly milk and beef. Mootral Founder and CEO Thomas Hafner, life sciences entrepreneur and co-founder of Zaluvida Ventures with nearly 3 decades of experience in the industry, is now seeking a further US$ 2.5 million in investment to close the current seed funding round, with a Series A round to follow later in the year, to help realise his vision of providing Mootral Ruminant at no cost to farmers across the world.

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