Accelerating automated detection of milk fraud

01-07-2020 | |
Photo: Jagoda Kondratiuk
Photo: Jagoda Kondratiuk

Digi.Bio and SwissDeCode are joining forces to accelerate the automated detection of milk fraud.

According to a press release, the product of this partnership is funded by the EUREKA-Eurostars program, and is a platform which consists of an integrated hardware device and embedded software that allows milk validation analysis to be performed autonomously at the point of need, delivering certified results without requiring technical personnel.

“We will leverage the power of digital microfluidics to automate testing assays and bring the precision of DNA-testing from molecular biology laboratories to production sites in the milk industry,” says Federico Muffatto, CEO at Digi.Bio.

Photo: Jagoda Kondratiuk

Photo: Jagoda Kondratiuk

The platform will allow companies in the dairy sector to quickly verify the authenticity of milk, by detecting, for example, undeclared milk of other species mixed in the sample tested. This will prevent delays, disruptions to the supply chain and food recalls.

“Milk adulteration is a common issue, which we have come across in our interactions with the food industry during the past few years. We are excited that our partnership will bring a new solution for this problem, ” says Brij Sahi, Co-founder and CEO at SwissDeCode.

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