Brazil: Cow breaks world record for milk production

12-03-2020 | |
Photo: Raízes Rurais
Photo: Raízes Rurais

The Brazilian bovine female reached 127,57 kg/milk in three milkings and beat a 39 year Guinness Book record.

The Girolando breed cow ‘Marília FIV Teatro de Naylo’ surpassed a production record that lasted 39 years. At the end of February, Guinness World Records announced the Brazilian bovine female as the largest producer of milk in a single day.

Photo: Raízes Rurais

Photo: Raízes Rurais

Marília produced 127,570 kg/milk in three milkings on 3 August 2019, during the 34th Milk Sands Tournament (SP). The new record surpassed a record by a Cuban cow Ubre Blanca, which in June 1981 produced 110.9 kg/milk in three milkings in a single day. “It was the first tournament in which she participated and has already come out with this great achievement,” highlighted Gustavo Souza, one of Marília’s owners.

Good reproduction

Marília was born on 16 March 2014, at the Girolando NS farm in São Paulo state, at a farm belonging to André Souza and Gustavo Souza. Girolando is the result of crossbreeding – 5/8 of Friesland-Holstein and 3/8 of the Zebu breed Gir.

The Dutch breed is a notable breed for milk production and the Indian one brings rusticity and longevity, which is important for the Brazilian environment, despite both having a remarkable aptitude for production.

“She is very good on the reproductive side. He has had eight heifers and a calf. Marília has always produced very well at IVF. In the last work, we implanted 16 embryos from her, the result of the same collection,” explained Souza.

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