China: How education ensures dairy development

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Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

Quality education is a vital part of the dairy sector’s development in China. This will ensure highly professional people throughout the dairy chain, according to the latest IDF Dairy Sustainability Outlook report.

Research has shown the importance and benefits of quality education, and the advantages of dairy knowledge and quality education will be beneficial to the whole dairy value chain – from raw milk farmers, to industries and sellers.

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

To build on dairy sector education, the China Dairy Industry Association, for example, held 50 training sessions and 10 annual conferences over the last decade, benefiting 15,000 people and training more than 5,000 dairy professionals. In terms of university education, such as at China Agricultural University, more than 7000 students studying dairy have been trained over the course of the past decade.

According the IDF report, those who will benefit are:

  • Raw milk farmers: Through education on scientific and safety concepts, farmers can produce high-quality raw milk.
  • Industries and sellers: Training of senior employees in dairy processing plants can result in superior quality products and more effective company management, thereby increasing company benefits.
  • Consumers: By increasing knowledge on the nutritional value of dairy products, consumers can benefit more from the health benefits of dairy products.
  • Society and whole country: Increasing awareness of environmental protection will build a more sustainable developed country.

Cautious Chinese buying in the months ahead
China’s economy seems to be strengthening but the global dairy import giant’s appetite for trade may not be so robust.

Quality education cultivates professionals with the concepts of sustainable development; they apply the concept to production and to the whole dairy chain, building a more sustainable society.

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