Dairy around the globe – in edition 3

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Dairy around the globe – in edition 3

This latest print edition takes readers from Wisconsin in the US to Europe to China. With sustainable dairy strategies explored and major agricultural events to take note of, come with us and check out what this edition has to offer!

Overview of dairy inflation in Europe

A detailed look at inflation in European countries and the impacts on dairy products such as milk, cheese and butter. And in a further dive, the Idele conference in Paris in June this year explored record food inflation, consumption and trade of dairy. Page 6

Interview: David Blakemore, Trouw Nutrition CEO: “Our challenges will help us all do better”

At the recently held AgriVision conference from 27-28 June this year in Noordwijk aan Zee in the Netherlands, experts in the feed, food and livestock sector congregated and participated in discussions on future-proofing proteins, a topic which took centre stage at the event. David Blakemore, CEO of Trouw Nutrition, gives us his insights and view on the main discussions at the event. What are his thoughts on the sector’s challenges ahead? Where are we in the scheme of it all, and what can we achieve in terms of one of the most asked questions: how will we feed the future world? He shares his thoughts. Page 8

US dairy: A look at sustainable strategies

Here we take a look at the factors affecting the sustainability of the US dairy industry and approaches designed to improve sustainability. The growing global population is constantly increasing the demand for milk and dairy products as a source of proteins, minerals, and vitamins needed for human growth and sustenance. However, this ever-increasing demand enhances the intensity of dairy production systems and the environmental concerns associated with intensive dairy farming. Page 11

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock

A game-changer in mastitis treatment

Mastigram+ is the new on-farm Gram-positive detection test that will change the way mastitis is treated on farms. Clinical mastitis is a significant problem on dairy farms due to its impact on health, welfare and productivity. It is also a major contributor to antibiotic use in dairy cattle. Page 13

Milk – but not as you know it

In the diet of young mammals such as calves, dietary fat provides energy, but it’s also essential for tissue growth, cardiovascular health and the development of the enteric nervous system and the immune system. Nukamel investigated the benefits of including Milk Fat Globule Membrane in milk replacers for young livestock. Page 14

Enzymes for enhanced rumen fermentation

With constant changes in feed and ingredient prices, as well as the fact that feed costs typically represent the largest input costs, on-farm profitability often depends strongly on how well the dairy herd is converting feed to milk. To maximise feed efficiency, we must improve overall digestibility and nutrient utilisation. Page 16

Catching up with the ‘floating’ cows in the Netherlands

Minke runs the farm alongside husband, Peter van Wingerden. They are the founders of the farm who run it together with over 40 volunteers. Minke points out that the farm also serves as a social hub and adds that the volunteers feel part of the farm and see themselves as ambassadors of the operation. Volunteers not only help with the farm animals but also run the nearby shop, distribute products around the city and make presentations. Page 18

Sustainable dairy farming now with return in 1, 2, 3 steps

The dairy industry, and, in particular, dairy farmers, are under increased pressure to reduce the CO2 footprint of their final product, milk. Nevertheless, truly sustainable dairy farming requires a more holistic view of the entire production system and should not just focus on emissions. Page 24

Sustainability is a must-have, not a should-have

When it comes to sustainability, the time to be proactive is now. Acting in crisis generally costs more and decisions made are rash and without the backing of science. These were the points brought forward at the World Nutrition Forum by DMS-Firmenich in Cancun this year. Page 26

Photo: dsm-firmenich
Photo: dsm-firmenich

Sustainability on the menu at a one-off road show

More than ever, ‘sustainability’ is the main focus of global events. In a world post-Covid-19, most players in global agriculture appear very conscious of themes like environmental pressure, climate change and agriculture’s licence to produce. The 2023 Alltech One conference, held in Dublin, Ireland on June 19 and 20, was no exception. Page 28

World Dairy Expo honours global leaders

World Dairy Expo announced the recipients of the 2023 Expo Recognition Awards. These are individuals who have made important contributions to the dairy industry and their communities. The honorees, listed below, will be formally honoured at the event during a banquet on 4 October 2023. Page 30

Ensuring fairness and transparency in UK dairy sector

New regulations are to come into force later this year to ensure supply contracts in the UK dairy sector are fair and transparent. The measures, as part of prime minister Rishi Sunak’s commitments made at the Farm to Fork Summit earlier this year, are designed to help establish stability and accountability across the dairy supply chain. Page 31

Wisconsin, USA: World Dairy Expo in 6 questions

With the World Dairy Expo scheduled from 1-6 October, we catch up with Laura Herschleb, general manager, and ask what we can expect this year in Wisconsin, USA. Page 32

Photo: World Dairy Expo
Photo: World Dairy Expo

Maintaining hoof health through nutrition

Hooves perform many functions, including supporting the weight of the animal, dissipating the energy impact as the hooves strike the ground or indoor surface, protecting the tissues and bone within the hoof capsule and providing traction for the animal. Page 33

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