From mastitis to ketosis: Uncover the Cow Health Special

10-06-2020 | |
Photo: Marten Sandburg/Penn Communicatie
Photo: Marten Sandburg/Penn Communicatie

This year in August, Dairy Global readers all over the world will have access to a special magazine which will zoom in on Cow Health. This special edition will cover important topics in the dairy industry – from mastitis and lameness to ketosis and heat stress. With this upcoming edition readers far and wide globally will be privy to unique content…and all in one magazine!

Cow health is undoubtedly the foundation of the dairy farming sector – it is vital to get this right for animal well-being, profitability and superior herd performance.

Photo: Marten Sandburg

Photo: Marten Sandburg

Dairy farmers face an array of challenges on a daily basis including: needing better health solutions, equipment to support herd performance in the best possible way and optimally treating disease, to name a few. When a cow is struggling with health issues it can lead to decreased milk yield and lower feed intake. The list of challenges and solutions of course vary from farm to farm.

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Not only will this edition look at what challenges are out there and which possible solutions can be applied, it will also offer the latest knowledge on cow health and will cover many topics that is important and current in the dairy sector. In this Dairy Global special edition we take a look at how health problems can be avoided, reduced and the edition will dive into the best course of action. The latest research on relevant health topics and insights into how to better manage cow health will also be explored. A very exciting and in-depth edition is on its way to countries all over the globe, don’t miss it!

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