Webinar on Fertility through nutrition in dairy cows: Register now!

25-06-2020 | |
Webinar on Fertility through nutrition in dairy cows: Register now!
Webinar on Fertility through nutrition in dairy cows: Register now!

The reproductive performance is important when it comes to the profitability and sustainability of dairy farms. Thus, fertility is a critically important part of milk production. For more insight into this the upcoming webinar, organised by Phileo by Lesaffre, Dairy Global and All About Feed, 3 speakers will give their views on the topic of fertility through nutrition in dairy cows. Don’t miss it!

The webinar will take place on Monday 6 July 2020 at 14:00pm CET. Speakers and presentations are as follows:

1. Dr Albert De Vries, PhD, Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, USA will present on:

Importance of reproduction for profitability and productive lifespan of dairy cattle.

  • Failure to get pregnant is a major cause of premature culling
  • Good reproduction is possible and economically valuable
  • Better reproduction helps to extend productive lifespan of dairy cattle.


2. Dr Jo Leroy, PhD, Professor of Veterinary Physiology, Pathophysiology and Husbandry, University of Antwerp, Belgium will delve into:

Negative energy balance in relation to dairy cow fertility: focusing on what really matters in 20 minutes.

  • What factors really play a role when discussing about Negative Energy Balance? Looking beyond the difficult calculations
  • How does metabolic stress affect fertility? The law of mother nature: “Unhealthy cows cannot reproduce”!
  • Long term effects: The oocyte needs more than 3 months to mature and will remember unhealthy cow conditions many months before!


3. Dr Valentin Nenov, global ruminant manager, Phileo by Lesaffre will present on:

Feeding yeast probiotic for better metabolic adaptation and reproductive performance in dairy cattle.

  • Effect of yeast probiotic on negative energy balance and systemic inflammation of peripartum dairy cows
  • Long term effect of yeast probiotic on dairy herd reproductive performance and productivity.


The webinar will take place on Monday 6 July, at 14:00pm Central European Time. That time corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 9am
  • London, UK: 1pm
  • Moscow, Russia: 3pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 7pm
  • Beijing, China: 8pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 9pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 10pm
Van Dijk
Zana Van Dijk Editor Dairy Global