Coming soon: Webinar on antibiotic reduction

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Coming soon: Webinar on antibiotic reduction

How do you achieve a further reduction of antibiotics in both dairy cows and pigs? That question will be key in a webinar on antibiotic reduction, taking place this Thursday at 3pm CET.

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The webinar, organised by Dairy Global’s sister title All About Feed, is aimed at a global audience with the backdrop of the international trend to reduce curative antibiotics as far as possible.

That doesn’t mean, however, that animals don’t get sick anymore. On the contrary, with the withdrawal of large amounts of antibiotics, it becomes extra clear in what situations the animals require a bit of extra care. In this webinar devoted to the theme of antibiotic reduction, All About Feed will explore various ways in which both dairy cows and pigs can be helped so they manage to grow healthily without the use of antibiotics.

Expert speakers on the theme of antibiotic reduction

The webinar will feature 3 expert speakers who will each shed a light on the topic of antibiotic reduction.

  • The webinar kicks off with Dr Jan Dahl, chief advisor at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. His presentation is themed Antibiotic reduction in the Danish animal production – challenges and possibilities’.
    Denmark was one of the earlier countries to embark on a road towards reducing antibiotics. Experiences in Denmark were followed all over the planet. He will discuss the progress in antibiotic reduction, as well as challenges resulting from new legislation. He will also devote some time to the potential effect of the ban on zinc oxide for the swine industry.
  • Next up is Cheng Lee, product manager at Intracare. She will discuss diseases caused by Spirochaetes bacteria in cattle and pigs, as well as the impacts of those diseases in both animal species and the rise of antimicrobial resistance of these bacteria.
    She will also touch on non-antibiotic solutions for the treatment of these diseases.
  • Thirdly, Dr Lourens Heres, manager global technical support at Darling Ingredients will address the global audience, with his presentation, ‘Enabling antibiotic and zinc reduction with functional animal proteins’.
    He will discuss how feed can promote health and improve gut and animal resistance, and touch on the role of spray-dried porcine plasma (SDPP) to overcome the challenges at weaning, and to refrain from antibiotic and zinc oxide use.

Webinar starting times across the globe

The starting time of the webinar is 3pm CET. That time corresponds to:
• San Francisco, CA, USA: 6am
• Denver, CO, USA: 7am
• Des Moines, IA, USA: 8am
• Atlanta, GA, USA: 9am
• São Paulo, Brazil: 10am
• London, UK: 2pm
• Moscow, Russia: 4pm
• Dubai, UAE: 5pm
• Mumbai, India: 6.30pm
• Bangkok, Thailand: 8pm
• Beijing, China: 9pm
• Tokyo, Japan: 10pm

Click here to register for the webinar on September 30

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