Dairy Diary: February business update

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Dairy Diary: February business update

What’s NEW in the dairy farming world? We report on artificial intelligence being used to provide individual farms with benchmarking and advice, a new mobile app-operated electric fence, and innovative packing for cheese. Read an update on these developments and more on the latest dairy sector news…

DeLaval Plus unveiled at Dairy-Tech

DeLaval, using data from thousands of farms and tens of millions of milkings, is making use of artificial intelligence to provide individual farms with benchmarking and advice. DeLaval Plus, a new data-sharing application exclusively available to DeLaval farms, collects and interprets data from parlous, robots, collars and body conditioning scanners worldwide, and uses this information to identify trends, which it says helps make faster, more accurate decisions that can improve milk production and cow health.

A-Insights dairy webinar

A-Insights has announced a free upcoming webinar on 7 March at 11.00, entitled ‘Why dairy companies need to redesign their milk supply and factory network’, which will offer invaluable foresights into the dairy industry. During the webinar, experts Jeroen Lustig, Max Verbogt, and Anja Hörig will cover how the demand for protein and dairy products is evolving worldwide. Also, data-driven insights for the 2 biggest challenges the dairy industry faces in the upcoming decade: being in the right place, and sustainability. In addition, foresights for 2024 will be discussed, looking at the development of volume, price, profit margins and growth pockets. Register here.

dsm-firmenich to separate out Animal Nutrition & Health business

dsm-firmenich has announced the initiation of a process to “separate out the Animal Nutrition & Health (ANH) business from the Group”. According to the company, the ANH business is driven by different dynamics to the rest of the Group, which has become more apparent with the challenges in the vitamins market. dsm-firmenich notes that the full potential of the ANH business could be best realised through a different ownership structure for which all potential separation options will be considered and expects to be in a position to separate the business in 2025.

Phileo by Lesaffre addresses agricultural challenges with yeast probiotic

Phileo by Lesaffre says that its Actisaf Sc 47 yeast probiotic is a sustainable soluti  on to boost farm profitability and curb the environmental impact of dairy farming. A life cycle assessment indicated a significant reduction in the carbon footprint by up to 5% during the period of supplementation. Benefits are not limited to GHG intensity, it also has positive impact on land use and eutrophication, said the company.

Retrofit part halves trailing shoe row spacing

Vogelsang has launched a DoubleFlow linkage option for its trailing shoe slurry applicators that enables the operator to halve the row spacing from 25 cm to 12.5 cm. This doubles the surface area coverage without affecting tractor forward speed. The runner divides the drop hose into 2 outlets, using a Y shaped piece, which splits the row spacing when spreading liquid manure. The part is easy to retrofit and can be added to the Vogelsang UniSpread and BlackBird trailing shoe linkages from May 2024.

New smart fence protects livestock

Rutland Electric Fencing has launched the UK’s first mobile app-operated electric fence energiser. The ESD 12000 Smart Energiser can be operated from anywhere in the world, enabling users to monitor their fences in real time and be informed of any breaks in the line, drops in power, battery problems and device errors. The Smart Energiser has a direct link to the cloud so can be connected using any mobile device – it does not require a full mobile signal because it can operate using an LTE or NB-IoT connection. This means it is well suited to hill farms and areas that have difficulty with mobile phone signal strength.

Cargill presents world mycotoxin report with actionable insights

Cargill‘s world mycotoxin report contains more than 350,0000 mycotoxin analyses captured annually across 150+ feed plants, on-farm samplings and storage locations. This year’s report includes forage samples, capturing 17,000+ forage mycotoxin analyses globally, which are especially important for ruminant mycotoxin risk evaluation. Cargill’s report noted that while there was a slightly reduced intensity compared to 2022, the percentage of positive samples remains notably high. In addition, the top 3 mycotoxins demanding attention due to their prevalence and risk levels are Deoxynivaleno, Fumonisin, and Zearalenone. Furthermore, co-occurrence continues to be prevalent.

Sealpac offers innovative packing for cheese

Sealpac, with its traysealers and material-saving thermoformer packaging, has adapted to the needs of the dairy segment and offers producers innovative applications that combine product protection with efficient production, as well as simplified logistics and an attractive presentation whilst using less consumables. SealPac will be present at the upcoming Anuga FoodTec from 19-22 March in Cologne, Germany, where the company will showcase their offerings.

The IDF Cheese Science & Technology Symposium to take place in Norway

The IDF Cheese Science & Technology Symposium 2024 aims to move forward in research, innovation and sustainability in cheese and will take place from 4-6 June 2024 in Bergen, Norway. This event, which will gather experts, researchers, and industry leaders in the cheese and dairy community, will feature 10 sessions over 3 days, including a workshop, adhering to the tradition of no parallel sessions.

New MD appointed for dairy businesses of AB Agri

AB Agri has announced the appointment of David Williams as its new managing director. Williams, who brings a wealth of executive experience within the dairy industry, will head up its dairy businesses within the UK and Ireland.

Alltech announces new roles to support growth

Alltech has grown its portfolio, which requires a new team, the Technology Group, to support this growth. This team will be responsible for Alltech’s nutritional technologies, services and technical support. To lead this team, Alltech has appointed Nick Adams (UK) as commercial director, Dr Jules Taylor-Pickard (UK) as technical director, and Martin Minchin (UK) as commercial marketing director. Other recent Alltech appointments include Dr Daniel Graugnard (US), dairy research director.

Novus names new director for South Central Asia

Dr Manish Kumar Singh has been appointed as the new regional director for Novus in South Central Asia. In this role, Singh, with 15 years of experience working in South Asia and Asia-Pacific regions in various roles, is responsible for developing and executing the Novus business strategy in the region.

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