Dairy Diary: January business update

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Dairy Diary: January business update

What’s NEW in the dairy farming world? We report on the approval of Bovaer in Canada and a new omega 3 supplement made from algae. Also, a look at the judges for the ABAB Calf Show and the associate judges for the World Dairy Expo, and the announcement of Holstein UK’s 2023 President’s Medal Award winner. Read an update on these developments and more on the latest dairy sector news

Canada approves Bovaer by dsm-firmenich for dairy and beef cattle

Canadian authorities have granted market authorisation for dsm-firmenich’s Bovaer, a methane reducing feed ingredient for cattle. There are approximately 10,000 dairy farmers in Canada, and this ingredient could help them towards net zero ambitions.

UFAC-UK introduces new omega 3 supplement made from algae

UK manufacturer of energy, protein and omega 3 supplements, UFAC-UK has developed a sustainable, environmentally friendly, vegetable source of omega 3 fatty acids, originating from native algae. According to the company, the new algi40 Omega 3 supplement is a traceable, sustainable, high-quality alternative to fish-oil sourced omega 3s. With high levels (40%) of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosapentaenoic acid (DPA), in that order, algi40 omega 3 is designed to enhance dietary intake of these essential fatty acids in livestock. In dairy cow diets, it increases uptake of the 3 health-promoting omega 3 fatty acids into milk, while reducing saturated fat. It also enhances the cow’s embryo and off-spring survival, and helps reduce calving intervals.

Holstein UK president, Andrew Jones, with Alison Lawrie, Will Horsley and Tom Hull.

Holstein UK announces winner of 2023 President’s Medal Award

Alison Lawrie from Scotland Holstein Young Breeders Club has been crowned the champion of Holstein UK’s 2023 Presidents Medal Award, sponsored by Semex. She received an engraved medal and a trip to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. She also received the Sue Cope Memorial Trophy. Holstein UK also congratulated the 2 runners up: Tom Hull (Lancashire) and Will Horsley (Border & Lakeland).

Holstein judges announced for the 2024 ABAB Calf Show

Holstein UK has announced that the judges for the 2024 Holstein calf and showmanship classes are Steve McLoughlin (Ellys, ROI), who will take to the centre of the ring to judge the National Holstein Calf Show, and Laura Helen (Eedy, ROI), who will judge the National Holstein Showmanship Competition. Steve, along with his wife Maria, have a small group of elite pedigree heifers at their farm in Ellistown, County Kildare, which they show, alongside contract rearing 60 pedigree heifers. Laura, along with her husband Jason and his father Robert, have a herd of 90 Holsteins on 145 acres.

World Dairy Expo announces 2024 associate judges

The World Dairy Expo has announced the 8 individuals selected to serve as associate judges of the Expo’s 2024 Dairy Cattle Show, taking place in Madison, Wisconsin, from 29 September to 4 October.. They were nominated by the official judge and approved by a committee of Expo exhibitors. The complete slate of individuals are as follows:

  • International Ayrshire Show on 30 September: Brandon Ferry (official) and Michelle Upchurch (associate)
  • International Brown Swiss Show on 1-2 October: Phillip Topp (official) and Kaleb Kruse (associate)
  • International Guernsey Show on 2-3 October: Lynn Harbaugh (official) and Herby Lutz (associate)
  • International Holstein Show on 3-4 October: Jamie Black (official) and Aaron Eaton (associate)
  • International Junior Holstein Show on 29 September: Mandi Bue (official) and John Erbsen (associate)
  • International Jersey Show on 30 September and 1 October: Ryan Krohlow (official) and Jean Philippe Charest (associate)
  • International Milking Shorthorn Show on 30 September and 1 October: Chris Lahmers (official) and Mike Maier (associate)
  • International Red & White Show on 2-3 October: Kevin Doeberiener (official) and Adam Hodgins (associate)

IDF Cheese Science and Technology Symposium

From 4-6 June, the IDF Cheese Science and Technology Symposium will be held in Bergen, Norway. The scientific programme offers a variety of cheese topics for all those in research, academia, industry, and more within the dairy sector. In addition, abstract (oral and poster) submission with the possibility of 9 topics.

Kemin Industries introduces new global tagline, ‘Compelled by Curiosity’

Kemin Industries has debuted its new global tagline, ‘Compelled by Curiosity’. The company says the tagline will be used worldwide to help demonstrate Kemin’s innate curiosity as a company and how it compels the organisation to innovate, collaborate, and explore possibilities. “A shared spirit of curiosity unites the company’s global workforce and is evident in Kemin’s efforts to make life better for people, pets, animals, plants, and the planet,” said the company.

Alltech names E. Michael Castle as chief operating and finance officer

E. Michael Castle II has been appointed chief operations and financial officer at Alltech. He has been with Alltech for 19 years, most recently serving as COO and CEO of the Alltech Feed Division. He has much experience in the business globally, having also served as chief administrative and legal officer, among other roles.

João Marcelo Gomes named president of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

Kemin Industries has appointed João Marcelo Gomes as president of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – EMENA (Europe, Middle East, and North Africa) following the promotion of Dr Stefaan van Dyck to group president – Animal Nutrition and Health for Kemin Industries worldwide. Gomes, who has a veterinary degree, joined Kemin in 2019 as president of Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – South America.

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