Game-changing dairy technology awarded

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Game-changing dairy technology awarded
smaXtech CEO Stefan Scherer accepts the dsm-firmenich Digital Disruptor Award. From left to right: Corinne Bonadei, head of precision services at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health; Stefan Scherer, CEO strategy & sales at smaXtech; Franz Waxenecker, senior director precision services at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health; and Dr Eva Binder, head of translational science at DSM-Firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health). Photo: dsm-firmenich

At this year’s Global Ruminant Day event, held 4-6 June in Vienna, Austria, dsm-firmenich presented a new Digital Disruptor award for game-changing technologies within the dairy and beef sectors.

At the event, dsm-firmenich brought together over 200 global executives and experts from across the dairy and beef industries to address the most pressing issues ranging from health and reproductive challenges to feed cost optimisation, sustainability and promising new precision livestock farming technologies.

The 3 nominees for the Digital Disruptor award:

  • smaXtec, a revolutionary health system that facilitates preventative health, reproduction and feeding management for dairy cows. 
  • Labby, an artificial intelligence-enabled optical sensing for raw milk testing. 
  • FarmTrace, a platform that connects on-farm systems, robots and farm management solutions to provide actionable insights.

smaXtec won this year’s Digital Disruptor award, receiving the most votes from the Global Ruminant Days delegates.

The Digital Disruptor Award recognises organisations that are spearheading innovation and revolutionising how the industry improves animal health, welfare and sustainability through advanced digital solutions to improve feed and livestock farming across the globe.”

Corinne Bonadei, Head of Precision Services at dsm-firmenich Animal Nutrition & Health

Natalie Kinsley Freelance correspondent