Russian dairy sector wants action against cheap Belarusian imports

25-09-2014 | |
Russian dairy sector wants action against cheap Belarusian imports

The Russian dairy sector and dairy processors feel the increasing burden of cheap milk imports from Belarus. The price of unprocessed milk is put under pressure by the imports, the price of milk powder is on the rise.

This is the complaint of the Russian dairy organisation, “Sojoezmoloko. President Andrei Danilenko wants the Russian government to take action, as he indicates in magazine Krestjanskie Vedomosti.

This action would go against the basic principle of the Customs Union, which Russia agreed upon, along with Belarus and Kazakhstan. The Russian dairy industry had expected to benefit from the ban on imports of agricultural products from the EU, Norway, USA, Canada and Australia, but soon acknowledged that it needs additional government support. Halting or reducing the imports of dairy products from Belarus would be a solution.

“Sojoezmoloko” or the Dairy Union, says that Belarus wants to increase exports of dairy products to Russia by 50%. That is what they make up of a speech given by the Belarusian minister of agriculture, Leonid Zajats. In reality the situation still be even worse, fears the Milk Union.Belarus is developing into a “colossal junction for European products destined for Russia.”

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in chief Poultry World