Agromek: Innovations and Agromania

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Agromek: Innovations and Agromania. Photo: Agromek
Agromek: Innovations and Agromania. Photo: Agromek

From November 27-30, the Agromek takes place in Herning, Denmark. What innovations are relevant for dairy farmers? Dairy Global listed them for you.

Agromek is the largest exhibition of agricultural mechanisation in Northern-Europe and this year it has attracted more than 530 exhibitors. 128 products have received Agromek Stars. Agromek Stars is an award system focusing attention on the exhibitors’ product news. A panel of judges and experts assess the exhibitors’ news and grant them 1, 2 or 3 stars. 3 stars is the highest rank and means the product is highly innovative. We have selected the 2 and 3 star winners that are relevant for dairy farmers.

Automatic securing of load on the straw trailer (Western DK A/S)

3 stars: The Western wagon is awarded 3 stars for a new construction principle for strapping of e.g. straw. The strapping method does not take up extra space on the side, which can otherwise cause problems for other straw trailers that exceed the legal width on public roads. The new design can also safely secure 2 straw bales that do not have the same width.

Cell counting on the glandular level (GEA Farm Technologies Mullerup A/S)

3 stars: GEA Dairymilk M6850 is an online tool which measures cell count on a glandular level during the milking process. The measuring device can be installed in the company’s milking robots and robotic rotary parlours. Cell count measurements are used to monitor udder health for any possible indication of mastitis onset. The cell content of the milk is registered by an online sensor throughout the milking process. The sensor works without use of reagents or other consumables. This results in an extremely simple operation, without active input from the farmer. The sensor only requires a single annual service and replacement of rubber components.

Disc mower with cross flow (Pöttinger Scandinavia ApS)

2 stars: Pöttinger Novocat 352 Cross Flow receives 2 stars for several innovations in relation to mowing without conditioners. Without the conditioner’s power requirements, there is less need for a tractor to be used. However, this also means that disc mowers often have a tendency to leave the material dead which will negatively affect the pre-drying. This problem is solved with the Cross Flow working principle, where an auger guides the material and provides an airy environment. The swathing is performed with a closed auger conveyor.

From November 27-30, the Agromek takes place in Herning, Denmark. Photo: Agromek

From November 27-30, the Agromek takes place in Herning, Denmark. Photo: Agromek

Feeding many cows with fresh grass (MaksiGrass)

2 stars: MaksiGrass is an innovative development of the old Tårup silage harvester and the Tim loader wagon which makes it possible to feed many cows with fresh grass. The combined mower and trailer harvests grass fresh from the field, whereupon it is gently lifted by elevators into the trailer, leaving the soil untouched. The grass is harvested extremely gently to ensure it is neither squashed nor cut. Consequently, the machine requires minimal power and has a low diesel consumption. The grass can be loaded directly on to the feeding table in the stable.

Better ground contour following ability (Danish Agro Machinery A/S)

2 stars: Disco Move is a new range of front mowers for even better ground contour following ability. The innovative integrated kinematics causes the mowing bed to adapt to the field’s contours, independent from the tractor front linkage. The machine allows for freedom of movement of 1,000mm: 600mm up and 400mm down. A small and compact design ensures good visibility for the farmer and the built-in active float ensures that the operator can adjust the suspension with a single-acting hydraulic service from the cab.

Easy and safe opening of large bags (Yara Danmark Gødning A/S)

2 stars: Yara Big Bag Knife is a specially developed knife, designed for opening large bags. The knife significantly increases safety and enables users to easily open large bags without having to stand under overhanging loads. The simple telescope design gives the blade a long reach and makes it easy to use. The knife has been developed and produced in Denmark, and designed in aluminium and stainless steel, giving it a long service life.

Customising the milking process (DeLaval A/S)

2 stars: DeLaval VMS™ V300 is a completely new experience for cows and customers. It helps farmers to be at the forefront of animal welfare and food safety, and ensures that automatic milking is a profitable solution. With an attachment success rate of up to 99.8%, a 10% higher capacity compared to the earlier model, a teat spray with 99% coverage, real gland milking, a 50% faster attachment time, and up to 3,500 kg of milk per day, VMS V300 is proof that the future of milking is already here.

Optimisation of forage harvesting (Agro Intelligence)

2 stars: IHM Forage is a tablet-based app that optimises the driving of forage harvesters and silage wagons by reducing operating costs, and improves harvesting efficiency and the working environment. During the harvest, the app continuously calculates and coordinates the optimal route to complete the harvest. The forage harvester and silage wagons constantly receive visual information concerning the location, route and transfer time of the silage wagon. The documentation of site-specific batch numbers, quality data and amounts is displayed on the homepage.

Solar-powered automatic gate opening system (Poda A/S)

2 stars: Automatic gate opening with the push of a button. The motor is operated by a power supply powered by solar cells. A perfect solution for remote areas, where there is no access to electricity. Intended for, among other applications, riding trails, as the rider can remain on the horse when going through a gate. And especially suited for disabled access. The automatic control is self-closing, which provides a degree of assurance that the enclosure will not be left open. The soft start/stop ensures that horses are not spooked by sudden movements.

Revolutionary stubble cultivation (Väderstad ApS)

2 stars: The Väderstad CrossCutter Disc ensures thorough cultivation across its whole working width, works very intensively with low traction requirements at shallow working depths and has a maximum speed of 20 kpm/12 mph. As the CrossCutter disc works at a shallow working depth of 2–3 cm, it uses considerably less fuel than a conventional disc. This reduces fuel-consumption and increases working speeds. With its waved disc shape and high-quality steel, the CrossCutter Disc ensures thorough cultivation and intensive mixing at a shallow working depth. It can be used for both stubble and ploughed land.

Side events: Agromania, biogas and contracters

Next to the well-known elements of Agromek such as the exhibition and the cattle show and judgement of some of Denmark’s elite dairy and beef cattle, there will be also some new initiatives. This year, Agromek oragnises 3 new theme areas.

  1. In Hall E, people can find Agromania, dedicated to the latest in technology, digitalisation, robots and innovation. Visitors will be able to gain new inspiration and the latest professional information both on the stands and at ‘Speakers Corner’. Agromania will also hold the Agromek Student Challenge. This is an international innovation competition for personnel of the future. This competition runs over all 4 days and will involve 50 international students. The students will operate in teams and compete to provide the best possible solutions for cases supplied by selected Agromek exhibitors.
  2. In Hall K, visitors will be able to attend Agromek’s completely new biogas section which involves both exhibitors and other interested parties in the fields of biogas and biomass treatment. There is also a biogas scene with contributions from some of the leading participants in this sector.
  3. The combined trade within the contractor, park, road and landscape sectors is gathered in Hall C. For the first time in Denmark, there will be a live workshop with active trade apprentices who will demonstrate the interesting possibilities provided by the various trade apprenticeships.

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