Counting down! Webinar on Advanced Dairy Farming

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Counting down! Webinar on Advanced Dairy Farming
Counting down! Webinar on Advanced Dairy Farming

A countdown! CowManager, Celtic Sea Minerals and dairy advisor Kristine Piccart will present at the Advanced Dairy Farming webinar, hosted by Dairy Global.

Join us for insights into this important topic during The Misset International Webinar Week, from 16 until 20 November 2020.

Counting down! Webinar on Advanced Dairy Farming

Farm innovations is all around us and new ones are taking the dairy sector by storm. The dairy industry is constantly changing and evolving and with this we see many innovations that have a huge impact in terms of advanced dairy farming – taking this sector to the next level.

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From feed that promote efficiency and sustainability to monitoring cows in a way that gives us better insights and accurate information – the topic of advanced dairy farming covers many aspects in the dairy sector. The Advanced Dairy Farming webinar, which will take place on 17 November | 18:00 CET, boasts a great line-up:

Enda Neville, Ruminant Technical manager at Celtic Sea Minerals
Topic: How plant derived Marine Minerals promote feed efficiency and sustainability in dairy production.
Enda Neville will look at:

  • How Acid Buf enhances healthy rumen function, drives dairy production and feed efficiency

Dr Ray Nebel, V. P. of Tech Services at Select Sires
Topic: How to improve herd health with a Cow Monitoring system
Dr Nebel is a result-oriented professional in cow monitoring. He offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience in research and production as well as business. He has been vice president of Technical Programs at Select Sires Inc for the last 10 years. He will look at:

  • Challenges of dairymen
  • How monitoring systems help focusing on right cows
  • Insights in cow behaviour
  • Revolutionary insights with new module Nutrition

Kristine Piccart, Dairy Advisor at Cow Coach
Topic: The supporting role of advisors in precision dairy farming: A plea for the multi-actor approach
As a dairy advisor at Cow Coach, Kristine Piccart aims to support farmers in the use of automatic milking systems and dairy sensors. She will focus on:

  • How can advisors improve the effective use of precision dairy technologies and create added value? What is holding them back?

Zana van Dijk, editor Dairy Global, will be the host for this webinar.

Don’t miss this exciting webinar and join us!

When: 17 November | 18:00 CET

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More information: Can be found on Dairy Global’s webinar week page

Van Dijk
Zana Van Dijk Editor Dairy Global