Dairy farms to benefit from Connecterra and Lely partnership

07-12-2021 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Dutch-based ag-tech startup, Connecterra, and supplier of robotics and management systems for dairy farming, Lely, have announced the start of a robust co-development and commercial partnership.

Following the completion of a successful pilot, the 2 companies will deepen their collaboration and commercial relationship.

The announcement follows a pilot with Lely’s Digital Farming Group. The pilot program was designed to test an integration between Lely Horizon and Connecterra’s artificial intelligence platform, Ida.

The successful effort has resulted in commitments to several strategic initiatives. As a first step in the agreement, Lely will now license Ida Enterprise for use in their farm management system, Lely Horizon.

Helping dairy farmers

“We believe that digitization of dairy farming is key and needs to be handled with care. Integrating with partners like Connecterra to develop a strong platform helps farmers to bring out the value in their data. The experience in the pilot with Connecterra’s people and technology left a strong impression on the team and involved customers. We are excited to expand our efforts with Connecterra,” said Freddie Ruijs, head of digital farming at Lely.

In addition to the internal rollout, Lely and Connecterra will begin a multi-year, co-development initiative. Teams from both companies will expand from the pilot learnings with a shared goal of further enhancing the farmer and advisor experience.

“Connecterra’s mission is to empower farmers and advisors to improve productivity using Ida’s artificial intelligence. Our continued collaboration with partners like Lely will accelerate our mission and, most importantly, deliver real results to real people,” said Nynke Slegten, director of product at Connecterra.

Successful co-development efforts could lead to a joint launch of new features, as well as opportunities for more Lely customers to give permission to incorporate their data and access Ida’s platform.

“The industry is poised to rapidly evolve, and we are trailblazing across multiple dimensions with this partnership. Together we have incredible potential to bring cutting-edge, transformative insights to thousands of farmers around the world,” said Yasir Khokhar, CEO of Connecterra.

van Dijk
Zana van Dijk Editor Dairy Global