High-tech feeding: New self-propelled feed mixer

03-11-2020 | |
Photo: Triolet
Photo: Triolet

Farmers are adopting new technologies to fill the void left by lack of labour availability on farms, particularly when it comes to feeding livestock.

With this in mind, Dutch feeding machinery manufacturer Trioliet has just launched its latest high-tech self-propelled diet feeder, the Triotrac M.

The main advantage of a self-propelled feed mixer is that it is actually a four-in-one machine carrying out the loading, mixing, transport and dispensing by the one unit and one operator saving time and labour.

Photo: Triolet

Photo: Triolet

If a farmer uses a trailed feed mixer he or she also requires a tractor, shovel, telescopic handler or tractor with front end loader along with a silage extraction system. Powered by a diesel engine, the new Triotrac M has a 14m3 load capacity and incorporates 1 vertical auger and a cutting-loading system with rotor to load the feed into the mixing tub.

This system ensures that the feed is processed cleanly and without losing any during the loading process. The Triotrac M can extract silage from the storage pits at heights of up to 4.5 metres. As it is a compact and agile machine, it is suitable for low buildings in cramped yards.

Trioliet says the Triotrac M can be fitted with a cross conveyor belt at the rear or discharge doors on both sides. It can process round or square bales, loose by-products, mineral feed and even fodder beet or potatoes.

Photo: Triolet

Photo: Triolet

The loading arm pushes the feed into the mixing tub via the loading platform, where the built-in weighing system calculates the quantity of feed in the mixing tub and therefore knows immediately how much has been loaded. The rotor transports the feed to the mixing tub, where the mixing auger mixes the feed in the same direction. Once the feed is in the mixing tub, it is cut to a smaller size (as required) by the Trioform auger knives and mixed into a uniform ration.

Referring to the operator’s comfort, the spacious cabin’s height can be adjusted to ensure it is always optimal. A single joystick on the armrest is used to control the machine and all the settings for loading, mixing and discharging the feed can be adjusted with this joystick.

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For the Triotrac M, the diesel engine is located at the rear of the machine, ensuring it is easily accessible for maintenance. The machine has a small turning circle paired with 4-wheel steering which makes the Triotrac M especially easy to manoeuvre between the livestock houses and the silos. It can travel at speeds up to 35km/h and has a hydraulic front axle suspension for greater operator comfort.

Chris Mccullough Freelance multi-media journalist