IceRobotics gets ready for China

14-09-2017 | |
IceRobotics gets ready for China. Photo: IceRobotics
IceRobotics gets ready for China. Photo: IceRobotics

IceRobotics, a Scottish agritech firm, has been awarded £5,000 worth of support as part of the China-Britain Business Council’s (CBBC) ‘Ready for China’ campaign; a self-diagnostic tool to help more UK companies enter the Chinese market.

IceRobotics is a developer and provider of data collection and analysis products for monitoring dairy cow behaviour. Their products are extensively used by academic institutions and dairy farmers internationally to gain insights into livestock productivity, health and welfare. And China naturally presents a great opportunity to grow their business.

Challenges of the Chinese market

However, like any new market, China has some challenges. CBBC will help IceRobotics initially in identifying potential partners and looking at regulatory issues. Both sides will then look at the progress and tailor the continuing support to enable an appropriate market entry strategy to be defined. Over the coming year, CBBC, the UK’s leading organisation supporting trade in and with China, will offer IceRobotics bespoke support from its suite of services.

Photo: IceRobotics

Photo: IceRobotics

Robert Boyce, Director and co-founder of IceRobotics, said: “China offers us a huge opportunity, but also many complexities and restrictions that are very different from other international markets. We joined CBBC to help us to understand these challenges and to help us develop the right strategy and find the right partners to address them. We believe our technology platform is ideally suited for China and are looking forward to launching there soon.”

Vivi Thorup from IceRobotics explained the use of sensor technology in dairy cows at the dairy session at the Proagrica Future Farming Theatre, organised by Proagrica, publisher of Diary Global. Read the review article here.

Potential out-weights the challenges

James Brodie, Scotland Director at CBBC, commented: “Agritech was identified as a key priority sector by the Chinese government in their 13th 5-year plan. It’s exciting to be working with IceRobotics on navigating the complexity of entering the Chinese market for such technology, which has such massive latent demand. The challenges are not insignificant, but the potential appeal for their solution is such that it more than warrants the effort in exploring how to overcome them.”

Jack Sun, Project Manager at CBBC, said: “This is a very interesting and exciting product. CBBC has already conducted detailed research into several potential partners for IceRobotics and provided background analysis, which is helping IceRobotics to identify suitable partners and determine their next steps for Chinese market.”

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor