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25-11-2020 | |
Photo: Misset Uitgeverij
Photo: Misset Uitgeverij

This November the Misset International Webinar Week had many insightful webinars. Dairy Global hosted the very exciting webinar on Advanced Dairy Farming.

The week kicked off on Monday 16 November all the way through to 20 November 2020 with Dairy Global‘s sister brands All About Feed, Poultry World and Pig Progress hosting various hot topics with a fantastic line-up of speakers. On 17 November 2020, Dairy Global hosted a webinar on Advanced Dairy Farming in cooperation with companies CowManager and Celtic Sea Minerals. We also had an expert dairy advisor onboard from Cow Coach.

Photo: Misset Uitgeverij

Photo: Misset Uitgeverij

Advanced Dairy Farming covers many areas and with this webinar, Dairy Global was pleased to be a part of this event which covered some important dairy topics like sensors, nutrition and cow management. With such a broad topic as Advanced Dairy Farming, we had various views from 3 experts.

View webinar: Advanced Dairy Farming  

Dairy Global’s webinar speakers were as follows:

1. Kristine Piccart, who is a dairy advisor at Cow Coach, spoke on “The supporting role of advisors in precision dairy farming: A plea for the multi-actor approach”. She also talked about how advisors can improve the effective use of precision dairy technologies and create added value. In her presentation, she brought up the subject of farm advisors and investing in digitial skills, adoption of dairy technologies, automatic systems and SCC, data overload or ‘techno stress’ when it comes to dairy farms and much more.

2. Enda Neville, M. An. Sc. , ruminant technical manager at Celtic Sea Minerals, presented on “How plant derived Marine Minerals promote feed efficiency and sustainability in dairy production”. He looked into how Acid Buf enhances healthy rumen function, drives dairy production and feed efficiency. His presentation on the unique marine mineral product Acid Buf, which is produced from the skeletal remains of red algae, spoke on how the rumen can be kept in optimal condition, among other insights.

3. Dr Ray Nebel, V. P. of Tech Services at Select Sires, presented on the topic of “How to improve herd health with a Cow Monitoring system” and dived into how monitoring systems help farmers to focus on the right cows and insights into cow behaviour. There are many challenges that dairymen face in today’s sector, and in line with this, Dr Nebel explored cow management for better cow health and herd productivity. Highlighting cow management and how it points to saving costs, sustainability and higher milk production.

View webinar: Advanced Dairy Farming 

A better producing dairy and a sustainable farming solutions was at the crux of this webinar’s topics, which had many insights on precision farming, sensors, dealing with data, automation and dairy farm efficiency to name a few.

The Misset International Webinar Week was filled with many themes and topics and hosted by Dairy Global’s sister brands All About Feed, Pig Progress and Poultry World. It was an excellent opportunity to stay informed about relevant topics in the agriculture industry!

And in case you missed any of these webinars or would like to watch them again, you can watch them on demand – or visit All About Feed for a review, here.

View webinar: Advanced Dairy Farming 

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Zana van Dijk Editor Dairy Global