SPACE 2023 reveals 11 must-see dairy innovations

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SPACE 2023 reveals 11 must-see dairy innovations
Innov’Space was launched in 1995. This year, 37 product innovations have been awarded. Photo: Space

SPACE 2023, the well-known agricultural event taking place in Rennes, France, this September, is on the agenda of many in the international dairy sector. But what dairy innovations are showcased this year? There are many to uncover; here are some not to miss.

Ruminant methane reduction

Photo: DSMBovaer 10 is a feed supplement that reduces enteric methane emissions, contributing to a significant and immediate reduction of the environmental footprint of meat, milk, and dairy products. It is composed of 10% 3-nitrooxypropanol (3-NOP), its active substance. In the EU, it is authorised for dairy and breeding cows. Results showed an average reduction of 30% less methane emission from dairy cows and 45% for finishing beef cattle. It is now authorised and available for sale in over 35 countries.
(Hall 9, stand D104)

Mastitis detection test

Zoetis France Sas: Vetscan Mastigram+ ⭐⭐

Photo: ZoetisVetscan Mastigram+ is a rapid test dedicated to breeders to help decide what action must be taken in the case of clinical mastitis during lactation: to treat or not to treat. It is a rapid test kit consisting of 10 strips and 10 tubes. Its strengths are: ease of use and reading; reliability; simplicity of decision-making facing mastitis; the recommendations in the case of Gram- (grades 1 and 2) mastitis are not to treat with intramammary antibiotics; speed. The result is available within 10 minutes.
(Hall 5, stand A28)

Fertiliser quality of livestock manure

Chambres D’agriculture De Bretagne: Agrivision’air ⭐⭐

The Decision Support Instrument AgrivisioN’air is a solution that maintains the fertiliser quality of livestock manure when applied. AgrivisioN’air simulator provides, for 3 days, a forecast loss of nitrogen by ammonia volatilisation, and 3 indicators ‘spreading quality’, ‘spreading equipment performance’, and ‘impact of weather’, for an application of fertiliser defined by the type of fertiliser (manure and mineral fertilizer), the amount, the spreading equipment and the tillage delay. These indicators and more detailed annual summaries help to adjust their practices to reduce volatilisation in the short term, or to help them to understand the changes to implement in a mid-term strategy. The product is quick and easy to use and brings together agricultural practices and weather forecast in a single instrument.
(Hall 5, stand B35)

Bacteriological analysis tool

Mastaplex: Mastatest ⭐⭐

Photo: MastaplexThis is a bacteriological analysis tool with antibiogram, connected, installed in clinic or directly in farm, including an analyser, diagnostic cassettes and software connected to the cloud. The analyser works by enzymatic colorimetric reactions. The cassette is composed of 24 wells, 6 of which are used to identify the bacterial strain(s) contained in the milk sample. The 18 others are used for the antibiotic susceptibility test by determining the MIC of the antibiotics Cloxacillin, Benzylpenicillin and Tylosin. Four tests can be run simultaneously on different cows. Diagnosis for clinical mastitis is within 18/24 hours after the sampling. The Mastatest solution makes it possible to avoid unnecessary antibiotic treatment, reduce the stress on farmers associated with managing waiting times and improve the monitoring of mastitis by the vet-breeder team.
(Hall 1, stand E58)

Disinfection system

Avicare: Avicare Universel ⭐

Avicare is an on-board disinfection system that acts on the wheels and the underbody of a vehicle to prevent the spread by road transport of livestock diseases. Configuration, system control, traceability, program updating and maintenance use a mobile application available on Android smartphone/tablet coupled with a back office on a web page. The system offers ease of use; protection of workers; speed of execution (less than 30 seconds for disinfection); effectiveness of disinfection (the wheels and the entire underbody of the vehicle); automatic traceability of operations; control of pollution generated by diffused disinfectant products; reliability of the equipment.
(Hall 10, stand C79)

Instant cooling and milk preservation

Boreales Energy: Boréales Ice Bank ⭐

Photo: Boreales EnergyIn the milk sector, cooling is one of the most energy-intensive items and has an impact on both the sustainability of the farmer’s activity and the intrinsic quality of the product from milking to collection. The Boréales Ice Bank makes it possible to shift the production cooling and use of kWh at the best time (in off-peak hours or coupled with renewable sources in self-consumption). Optimised for low power charging, it meets the needs of instant cooling and milk preservation. The heart of the device consists of an innovative ice accumulator. The device works on a plug&work modus and is simple to connect: a water inlet/outlet for heat exchange and a power supply.
(Hall 11, stand B33)

Easily detect Q fever on dairy farms

Ceva Sante Animale: Qtest ⭐

Photo: Ceva Sante AnimaleQ fever is a zoonosis that negatively impacts the health and performance of herds and the clinical diagnosis needs to be validated by laboratory analysis. The Qtest offers many advantages to easily detect Q fever circulation in dairy farms. It is simple: the milk sample can be sent to the laboratory in a simple envelope, without refrigeration. It is reliable: FTA blotting paper guarantees bacterial DNA stability for one month, at room temperature, reducing the risk of false negatives. It is instantaneous: the instantaneous inactivation of the pathogen avoid risks for the laboratory technicians.
(Hall 5, stand D92)

Free-stall system for cows

Cowhouse International: Dreamstall ⭐

Photo: Cowhouse InternationalWith the development of the Dreamstall the more cows can exhibit natural behaviour in a barn. With this new freestall design, cows can stand and lie down freely, contributing to higher animal welfare. Labour time is less as stalls stay cleaner. Also, cows can stand easier and less hoof problems are expected.
(Hall 11, stand A13)

Electric stall Sweeper / straw blower

ECS: e.Logettenet+ (R) ⭐

Photo: ECSThe e.Logettenet + (R) is an all-electric radio-controlled tool designed to sweep and mulch cubicles in a single pass (120 dairy cows = 10 minutes). This system reduces the tediousness of stall maintenance (twice a day), save time and improve the cleanliness of the stalls. It’s all electric and equipped with a remote control to operate it remotely. It follows the operator, enabling him to open a gate to move from one batch to another, to push or chase cows while continuing to clean the stalls. The e.Logettenet + (R) requires only little maintenance.
(Air Libre, stand E20)

Calculating rations

Institut De L’elevage: Optim’al ⭐

Optim’al has been updated with the new features of the INRA 2018 system and incorporates constraints on protein dependence during its optimisation calculation. This new version is available online in an easy-to-use web application. The user first enters the characteristics of the target animal, then lists the feeds to include in the optimisation calculation. The characteristics of the foods are managed in a specific table of the tool allowing to work with predefined foods or with personalised foods. The user can manage MINI and MAXI incorporation constraints according to technical, economic and protein autonomy objectives. Following a calculation, the tool offers the least expensive and/or most autonomous ration to meet the needs of the target animal. Finally, it can calculate the prices of interest in the context tested.
(Hall 3, stand B05)

Safer detergent and disinfection application

Schippers France: Hybag ⭐

Photo: Schippers FranceThis is a complete solution allowing secure dosing of hygiene products in livestock farming while guaranteeing optimal foam quality. The solution is made up of different elements: a foam lance to accommodate flexible bags of detergent or disinfectant; flexible bags of disinfectant, detergent and animal shampoo. The solution’s dosage is reliable in all conditions, there is safety in the handling of the products because the barrel fits directly on the bags, the ergonomics of the solution, and its use can happen in all orientations.
(Hall 5, stand B36)

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