Spotlight on the Canadian Dairy XPO

Holstein is the most common dairy breed in Canada. Photo: Canva
Holstein is the most common dairy breed in Canada. Photo: Canva

The much-anticipated Canadian Dairy XPO will take place from 3-4 April in Stratford, Ontario, for the 10th year in succession. Dairy enthusiasts will indulge in the new technologies and innovations to be showcased. In this Q&A, Jordan Underhill, CEO and founder of the Canadian Dairy XPO, gives some insights into what we can expect at this year’s event.

It is the 10th anniversary of the Canadian Dairy XPO this year. How has the show changed over the years?

Jordan Underhill, CEO and founder of the Canadian Dairy XPO. Photo: Canadian Dairy XPO
Jordan Underhill, CEO and founder of the Canadian Dairy XPO. Photo: Canadian Dairy XPO

Over the past 10 years the show has evolved significantly to keep up with the dynamic changes within the dairy industry. One key change at the Canadian Dairy XPO is an increased focus on innovation. The show recognises the importance of technological advancements and their role in enhancing efficiency and sustainability in the dairy sector.

The event has always showcased cutting-edge technologies, including automated milking systems, precision agriculture tools and new ways to process dairy products. By embracing innovation, the Canadian Dairy XPO has positioned itself as a valuable resource for dairy farmers seeking to improve operations and capitalise on emerging trends.

Another significant development has been the growth and diversification of the exhibitor base. The show now attracts a wider range of companies and organisations, from equipment manufacturers and service providers to researchers and consultants. The Canadian Dairy XPO has become a platform where stakeholders from all corners of the industry can connect, share ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities.

In terms of innovations, where have you seen the most developments taking place?

The event has consistently showcased the latest innovations for Canadian dairy producers. Robotics play a crucial role in the Canadian dairy industry. Automated systems have helped to improve processes, boost efficiency and enhance animal welfare. At the Canadian Dairy XPO, attendees can witness first-hand the latest advancements in robotic milking systems, calf feeding systems, and other robotic technologies. These innovations allow producers to streamline their operations, minimise labour requirements and improve the quality of milk production.

Genetics in Motion showcases the Dairy Daughters from top Canadian AI companies in a free stall setting. Producers can see the latest advancements in robotics and genetics for themselves.

There is also a strong focus on the Calves for a Cause sale, what does this entail?

Calves for a Cause is a key event at the show and it involves a live auction of 60 calves. The funds raised through this sale are donated to the London Children’s Hospital. The sale was founded by the Markus family, and it all began when their son required extensive care at the London Children’s Hospital. The family realised how important it is to support the hospital. They decided to create an auction that would benefit the children’s hospital directly.

The auction takes place on the first night of Dairy XPO following Cheesefest, giving attendees the opportunity to bid for and purchase the calves. The calves are carefully selected and come from reputable consigners across Canada, ensuring a high-quality product for bidders. Last year alone, the auction generated over CAN$65,000 for the hospital, demonstrating the power of the dairy industry in Canada.

What exciting things will we see at the Canadian Dairy XPO as you celebrate its 10th anniversary?

There are many exciting things to look forward to. We have planned several additions to enhance the celebration and make it even more enjoyable for visitors. The highlights include:

Cheesefest Event on night 1: We have significantly enhanced our Cheesefest networking event with live performances and interactive activities. Our aim with this event is to showcase the vast array of cheese produced in Canada and provide a memorable experience for all cheese enthusiasts.

Showcasing supporters: As we celebrate this important milestone, we want to recognise and appreciate the companies that have supported the event from day one. We will be showcasing these companies throughout the venue, highlighting their contributions and partnerships. This will give attendees the opportunity to learn more about the dedication and commitment of these sponsors.

Canadian Dairy Business Summit: To complement the Dairy XPO, we are launching a new Canadian Dairy Business Summit. This 1-day conference will be a high-impact training for dairy producers and will give them a CEO mindset for their dairy operation. This conference will take place the day before the XPO starts and will be held at the world-class Tom Patterson theatre in Stratford. Producers will learn about investing, Canadian contract law, investment diversification, negotiation tactics and much more.

Milestone showcase: Throughout Dairy XPO, every turn in the venue will be dedicated to showcasing the milestone we are celebrating. It will be a celebration of the past 10 years of success and a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. The various displays and interactive exhibits will give attendees a good impression of the event’s growth and its impact on the dairy industry.

Dairy XPO in 2024 will be filled with excitement and innovation. Join us this year to mark this significant milestone and witness the exciting things that await the dairy sector.

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