Praying for a good crop

17-11-2021 | |
Van Es-Sahota
Sunita Van Es-Sahota Editor special projects
Praying for a good crop
Photo: Canva

Some say farmers are always grumbling about the weather. And if they don’t -and there is a good crop- they will make a point about low prices for their grains.

That said, farmers are praying for a good crop, and so they need to. On the one hand it’s their personal challenge to get as much produce from the fields as possible, on the other hand there is the need to feed the increasing population of the world.

Unfortunately, harvests are far from predictable, they are becoming even more unpredictable under the influence of climate change. Increasingly longer and hotter dry spells can cause havoc on the supply side but wishing for more rain for better plant growth can also be detrimental.

Pre-harvest moisture severely increases the risk for mycotoxins and subsequent bad batches of feed ingredients. In 2021 global feedstuff reserves are tight because of the La Niña weather effect in the southern hemisphere and the heavy rain Europe experienced. On top of that, current supply chain issues ensure the demand side can’t be that picky when it comes to quality of inputs. To ensure the quality of final feeds, it’s essential to pinpoint ingredients with undesirable contaminants timely and implement the best practices to mitigate their negative effects on livestock. That is what this Mycotoxin special is all about, because when it comes to raising livestock and producing safe food, prayers alone aren’t enough.

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