What does Sustainable Dairy Farming refer to actually? Well, it is a complex concept and in reality the topic is broad and can mean a myriad of things to those in the sector.  From the advanced nutrition aspect to the lower emissions efforts. With this webinar will cover important topics under the theme of Sustainability, which is crucial in the dairy sector and will also look at notable strides that have been made thus far that boosts the dairy farming sector to progress further.

We will look at how we can equip the dairy herd to perform better, be healthier and produce optimally through nutrition. Dive into strategies to reduce emissions like – methane mitigation, carbon reduction and also look at feed efficiency at farm level. These are just a few examples of what will be highlighted during this Sustainable Dairy Farming webinar.

What are the impressive solutions that are available and can help dairy farmers? What can we take away from important and current research? And what needs to happen in the sector to continue on the path of sustainability? Join us for these discussions and insights!


Phil Garnsworthy
Emeritus Professor of Dairy Science

Presentation title:
Improving carbon balance on dairy farms

  • Carbon balance is the difference between carbon emissions and carbon retention
  • Emissions are in the form of methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide
  • Retention is in milk, meat and soil
  • The aim is to minimise emissions and maximise retention
  • Strategies can address each type of emissions and retention individually
  • Overall balance is related to whole farm feed efficiency (WFFE)
  • WFFE is driven by milk yield per hectare, feed management, replacement rate, and heifer rearing

Ainhoa Perojo Gutierrez
Head of Animal Segments, Commercial Development APHN

Presentation title:
The role of biosolutions at farm level

  • When we aim to decrease our CO2 footprint, there is not a magic bullet.
  • The sustainability goals for 2030 cannot be reached with just one single approach or by one part of the value chain. It is a responsibility for everyone. 
  • When we look at farm level, there are a few cost-effective actions that can be easily implemented and have a significant impact on our goals.
  • This talk will give some insights on those actions and hopefully help you in some decision making processes. 

Dr Liz Homer
Sustainability Manager Ruminants ECA

Presentation title:
A holistic approach to sustainability from calf to 5th lactation and beyond

  • What impacts sustainability?
  • How to reduce emissions through nutrition at all stages of animals life
  • Decision making on how to reduce emissions; short, medium and long term impacts
  • What impact this has on sustainability, efficiency and profitability

Zana van Dijk
Editor and host Dairy Global