This upcoming Dairy Global webinar will take place at 15.00 CEST on 9 June.


Sustainable dairy farming – where are we at, and what are the focus points to consider? With this topic, there are many aspects to consider, from the dairy cow welfare and health perspective to the nutrition side of things. Looking at dairy farming in the bigger picture is certainly important to note, while keeping tabs on its impact on the environment and the latest innovations to help improve sector strategies is more important than ever.

So, what can we do to improve dairy farming strategies like herd performance and feed efficiency and at the same time consider its place when it comes to climate change, emissions and a healthy planet. There are of course key ways to make sure that on farm level sustainability issues are addressed while keeping important points like milk production, animal performance and welfare, in check.
In this webinar we will hone in on sustainability in dairy farming and take into account feed efficiency and herd longevity.


Dr. Valentin Nenov

Global ruminant manager at Phileo

Probiotic yeast boosts feed efficiency for more sustainable dairy farming

  • Importance of feed efficiency for more sustainable dairy farming in the context of rising grain prises
  • Ruminal health and fibre degradation is the key to better feed efficiency
  • Probiotic yeast may balance ruminal environment significantly improving NDF degradation and feed efficiency
  • Probiotic yeast helps reduce carbon footprint from dairy farming through optimizing efficacy and performance.

Frederik Gadeyne

Product developer within the R&D ruminants team at Agrimprove

Longevity, the driver towards sustainable dairy farming

  • Understanding the impact of culling decisions on sustainability
  • Recognizing the main problems to longevity in dairy farming
  • Finding solutions to improve herd longevity

Albert de Vries

Professor at the Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida

Role of reproduction and cow replacement in sustainable dairy farming

  • Reproduction efficiency and cow replacement rates play an important role in sustainable dairy farming as it relates to greenhouse gas emissions
  • The presentation will quantify the effects of differences in reproduction efficiency and cow replacement rates on greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The presentation will also offer suggestions for better decision making related to reproduction and cow replacement

Zana van Dijk

host and editor Dairy Global