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What will be highlighted in this webinar:

  • Advantages of using Mastigram+ as part of a One Health approach to responsible antibiotic use
  • The test result from Mastigram+ aids decision making around clinical mastitis treatment, including targeted therapy
  • Reduced antibiotic use has a wide range of benefits, including less time spent treating animals allowing a focus on prevention and reduced number of cows under withhold

Imagine detecting Gram-positive mastitis in just eight hours using a simple flow dipstick test. This kind of informed mastitis management at your fingertips can transform the way you manage mastitis, your cows and your bottom line.

Join Norma Brady, Zoetis Medical Lead, Diagnostic Platforms and Jude Roberts, Veterinary Consultant, Map of Ag to explore how Zoetis’ first on-farm mastitis diagnostic, Vetscan® Mastigram+, can impact workflows, offering the opportunity for more targeted, or even reduced, antimicrobial treatment while boosting overall herd health.

With mastitis costing the global dairy industry up to $32 billion annually, efficient management is more critical than ever.

Webinar attendees will learn how Vetscan® Mastigram+ could reshape dairy and veterinary operations, support more informed decision making, drive sustainable practices and healthier herds.

The presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session where attendees will have the opportunity to submit questions to the panel.

They say, “Antibiotic use for mastitis on dairy farms is one of the biggest sources of antimicrobial use in a dairy. There’s more and more pressure on farmers to reduce that usage, as well as justifying when antimicrobials are appropriate for the pathogens present. With Vetscan® Mastigram+, you gain the knowledge to make informed decisions that drive sustainable practices and healthier herds.”

Attend our webinar to unlock the insights you need to optimize treatment costs, increase productivity, and maximize milk quality. You’ll learn how Vetscan® Mastigram+, integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, offering actionable results from just a 1mL milk sample.


Norma Brady MVB MVM

Medical Lead, Diagnostic Platforms at Zoetis

Jude Roberts

Veterinary Consultant Map of Ag

Zana van Dijk

Host and Editor Dairy Global