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18.8% of Belgian farmers (with a minimum of 50 cows) are willing to invest in construction or renovation of the cow stables. In addition, 10.2% plan to buy a tractor or telehandler and 5.3% want to invest in alternative energy.

These are the conclusions from the Cattle Scanner Belgium 2014 from the company AgriDirect. Around 1700 farmers (with more than 50 cows) in Flanders and Wallonia in the period September 2014 till January 2015 were asked about the business plans and future investment intentions.

Approximately 20% want to invest in new construction or renovation of the stables. 12.5% want to invest in new stalls or calf housing in the current barn. 6.3% opt for renovation of the existing buildings.

The survey also showed that more than 10% of the Belgium dairy farmers want to buy a tractor or telehandler; 4.3% choose to buy a new tractor, 2.4% prefer a used tractor. In addition, 3.5% is willing to invest in telehandler.

Belgium farmers invest in alternative energy options

Besides stalls and machinery, the farmers are also open to investment in alternative energy sources. Solar panels are the most favourite among the group; 38% of the farms already have these panels installed. In addition, 5.3% of dairy farmers want to invest in other alternative energy sources; 2.6% choose for one (or more) windmills and 2.1% would like to install a biogas plant.

Furthermore, 2.5% plan to invest in one of the other alternative energy sources on the farm.


Emmy Koeleman studied Animal Sciences at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She is the editor of Dairy Global and All About Feed.

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