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Breeding company Mastergen opens new centre

Cattle breeding company, Mastergen, has announced the opening of its own semen distribution centre in a move which reflects the company’s rapid expansion.

The centre will serve the whole UK, including Northern Ireland, through a distribution network of personal drivers on regular rounds. An overnight courier service is also available.

Covering EU

The establishment of the state-of-the-art facility goes hand in hand with the appointment of a new operations manager, Vicky Ell, as well as top fertility veterinarian, Sally Wilson, from Evolution Farm Vets, as the centre’s veterinarian. Having been granted a full EU licence, the centre also paves the way for Mastergen to store and distribute semen from other qualifying sources destined for anywhere in the EU. The centre has already attracted interest from other breeding companies and, alongside its own products, will provide the distribution service for Viking Genetics and Bovigen from early September 2018.

Mastergen has appointed Vicky Ell (left) as its new distribution centre operations manager while Sally Wilson from Evolution Farm Vets is the centre's veterinarian. Photo: Mastergen
Mastergen has appointed Vicky Ell (left) as its new distribution centre operations manager while Sally Wilson from Evolution Farm Vets is the centre's veterinarian. Photo: Mastergen

German farmers demand robust cattle

Managing director, Alison Dunphy, says the expansion reflects dairy and beef producers’ appreciation of the company’s product, its high level of service, and the lean and efficient operating system which allows it to keep costs down. With its strong focus on German dairy genetics, she says: “Our parent company, Masterrind, dominates the bovine genetics industry in Germany, and that country’s breeding objectives translate perfectly to UK systems. German farmers demand robust cattle which deliver good profitability on commercial dairy units, which is exactly what producers require in the UK,” she says. “We’ve found our UK customers are exceptionally satisfied with their milking daughters and are now returning to Mastergen time and time again.”

[Source: Mastergen]


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