Articles by Dr John Curtis

A well-rounded diet is by far the most effective way to support the health of your herd. Photo: Mark Pasveer
17-05-2021 | Expert opinion

6 ways to invest in your herd’s health

Hygiene practices could be deemed as the single most important component of managing mastitis effectively. Photo: Henk Riswick
01-02-2021 | Expert opinion

6 tips for managing mastitis

The goal of one calf per cow per year sounds simple, but a great deal of planning goes into effectively meeting that target. Photo: Michel Zoeter
04-01-2021 | Expert opinion

Avoiding 4 common herd breeding mistakes

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Dr John Curtis is President and founder of Agtech, Inc. Dr Curtis has a Ph.D. in animal science with extensive experience in all areas of cattle embryo transfer technology. He maintains active participation in daily operations of the business, including in-house research and development. Dr Curtis also provides hands-on livestock embryo transfer training to students in the United States and internationally.