Articles by Rosie Burgin

Photo: Vincent ter Beek
16-12-2019 | Blog

Can less be more?

Beating the heat. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
11-04-2019 | Blog

Beating the heat

Rosie Burgin
13-12-2018 | Blog

Go with your gut

Safeguarding the future. Photo: Vincent ter Beek
18-10-2018 | Article

Safeguarding the future

Sustainable salmon feed. Photo: Richard Semik
18-10-2018 | Article

Sustainable salmon feed

Rosie Burgin

Rosie Burgin is an English native living in the Netherlands. She joined Reed Business Information in 2008 as a sub/web editor on Pig Progress and Poultry World. Coming from a media background with a degree in film and video production, her skills have been integrated into the department for various on-farm productions in several countries across the globe. Since 2015 she progressed into a more editorial role, taking the lead on all special editions published by the international group.