Snorri Sigurdsson Arla Foods

Snorri Sigurdsson is a specialist in dairy farm management and has a long experience within international work and cooperation in agriculture between countries. With his practical education as a farmer and with a Master’s degree in agronomy, his approach towards different problems in different situations is essential to quickly solve problems and find solutions. Today he works within many international organizations within his field of expertise and is in IDF (International Dairy Federation) standing committee on Farm management. He has taught agriculture on different levels, both college and university in several countries and has given lectures and speeches in many different countries mostly about the topics of milking technique, milking routine, milk quality, management on dairy farms, housing design and animal welfare. Between 2017 and 2021 he was the leader of China-Denmark Milk Technology Cooperation Centre, a joint venture between the dairy companies Arla Foods and Mengniu in China. The Centre has the main goal of improving milk production and productivity in China on all levels within milk quality, animal welfare, environmental aspects and efficiency. Today he is leading a project for Arla Foods in Nigeria, where the dairy cooperative is building up local production of milk in cooperation with the local dairy farmers.