Sommet de L’élevage 2020 will go ahead

01-07-2020 | |
Photo: Zana van Dijk
Photo: Zana van Dijk

The Sommet de L’élevage has confirmed that this year’s edition will be open for business. The event will take place 7, 8 and 9 October in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

The show’s organisers, while continuing to monitor the situation, note the recent progress in the fight to overcome the Covid-19 epidemic in France. As a result of which, the event will be open for business on the scheduled dates.

“We are currently working with the local and national authorities regarding the measures that we need to put in place to guarantee the health and safety of all the participants,” Fabrice Berthon, the show’s director, highlighted. “Though these conditions are not final at this point in time, we will, as soon as possible, be informing all exhibitors and all our visitors.”

Photo: Zana van Dijk

Photo: Zana van Dijk

Today, as almost 90% of trade exhibitors have confirmed their presence at the show, the organisers, despite the difficult context, are already confident that this 2020 edition will be good. “The Sommet will be one of the very few farm shows to be held in Europe this year.”

“Although some livestock sectors have been badly hit by the pandemic, notably that of the cheese-making sector, this year’s forage harvest, following 2 years of drought and fodder deficit, is off to a flying start. This leads us to believe that the farm economy and the trade environment in general will be far more promising come the autumn,” he added.

International visitors

The only uncertainty, as things stand today, remains the presence of the international visitors at this year’s show. The 2019 event attracted 4,800 foreign visitors from over 90 countries, however, the show’s organisers remain hopeful that during the course of this summer that travel barriers will be lifted among all countries and specifically within the EU as most of the show’s international visitors are from Europe.

“If all the conditions are met, we expect to welcome many visitors and exhibitors for this 29th edition of the show, it will though however, be one of the most unusual,” Mr Berthon added.

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