SPACE 2020: Dairy innovation award winners

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Photo: SPACE
Photo: SPACE

At the digital edition of SPACE 2020 this year, 26 innovations were selected as award winners. The Innov’Space 2020 prize-winners that were announced relating specifically to the dairy industry are as follows.


CONDINOV: AXIA1800 packaging machine

Yogurt packaging

The AXIA1800 is a yogurt conditioner for plastic, cardboard and glass jars. It allows for the use of several sizes of jars (up to 500ml). Its main assets are its integrated CIP (washing of the circuit without dismantling), its hoppers in the low position, its intuitive piloting on a touch screen and its connection for remote control. Around 100 units are currently in service throughout France. It is recognised as one of the most reliable packaging machines on the market with an excellent quality/price ratio.

This packaging machine can now use stackable jars of cardboard and plastic but also non-depilable jars of glass on the same machine. The strong point of this innovation is the simplicity to switch from one type of pot to another. This takes less than 5 minutes. This compact packaging machine therefore makes it possible to launch several product ranges with a limited investment. In addition it is scalable. It can be upgraded to other types of pots even if this was not planned at the start of the project.

CONDINOV: AXIA1800 packaging machine. Photo: SPACE

CONDINOV: AXIA1800 packaging machine. Photo: SPACE


Cluster support

The Balance Arm is a movable arm, which supports the milk and pulsation hoses. Reduces the weight of the milking rubber piping assembly. It moves with the cow and does not interfere with the work of the milker during milking. It is a stainless steel set and it moves freely up, down and sideways.

For the milker it is a simple mechanical design allowing work in a safe and ergonomic environment, facilitate working conditions.

For the cow: the balance arm SAC ensures optimal positioning of the milking cluster by ensuring that the weight on each teat is identical.

The milking cluster is perfectly balanced under the cow, a mobile assembly keeps the milk tube in position, it is guided through the balance arm. Cows are milked quickly and correctly The reduction in the weight of the bundle on the udders ensures better comfort for the cow.

SAC FRANCE: Balance Arm SAC. Photo: SPACE

SAC FRANCE: Balance Arm SAC. Photo: SPACE



Evaluate the impact in € of the genetic choice of a crossbreed bull

€UROVAL is the culmination of the development of a private indexing, launched by AURIVA-Elevage in 2018. €UROVAL aims to more precisely understand the economic performance of crossbreed bulls. The €UROVAL evaluations were calculated based on hundreds of thousands of cumulative data over the last 10 years on the performance of bulls of the main meat breeds used in crossbreeding on dairy cows from AURIVA-Elevage and its partners.

Studied: bull fertility, gestation time, birth conditions, calf mortality and their performance at 3 weeks. These data were adjusted, corrected for several environmental effects (support breed, season, breeding for example) and compared on the same basis to sires of several breeds (Belgian Blue White, Limousine, Charolaise, Blonde d’Aquitaine, INRA 95) and from different geographical areas, commonly used for crossing on Montbéliardes, Normandes and Prim Holstein cows. The €UROVAL evaluation therefore makes it possible to compare, on the same basis, the genetic effects of bulls of different breeds.

CALFOTEL VDK PRODUCTS: Open Top Premium Single & Duo

Complete mobile indoor calf housing solution

The CalfOTel Open Top Premium is a mobile calf box suitable for farmers who want to keep calves indoors or under a roof. It is designed with special focus on hygiene, ease of use, and labor reduction.

The manure catch tray mounted underneath is made of sturdy polyester which makes it very easy to clean. The drain at the back allows for draining over a drain pipe connected to your manure pit.

The drain in the manure catch tray can be closed, allowing you to place the mobile calf box at a convenient location for the veal trader, without the need for a proper urine and manure draining floor.

The grating is designed to be very easy to place and remove. It can be removed in seconds, which allows cleaning both top and bottom side thoroughly.

The front gate is a double-hinged with a big open gate for easy access with bedding/straw. The big access also allows for easy placement of a newborn calf. The smaller access gate allows entering and exiting without disturbing the drinking calf.

CALFOTEL VDK PRODUCTS: Open Top Premium Single & Duo. Photo: SPACE

CALFOTEL VDK PRODUCTS: Open Top Premium Single & Duo. Photo: SPACE

ELVUP: Corn Grain Particle Size

Theoretical degradability (DT) of starch in rumen

Corn grain is increasingly used as an energy supplementation in cattle rations as it is a concentrate that provides ‘slow energy’ and by pass limiting the risk of acidosis. The finer the corn is ground, the better it digests in the rumen.

Corn Grain Particle Size measures the average particle size and particle homogeneity. These measurements make it possible to calculate the real value of the theoretical degradability (DT) of starch in the rumen, that Elvup integrates into its new rationing tools INRA 2018 & Systali, instead of the ‘table value’. It is 60% for all grain maize while the real value varies from less than 40% to more than 60%. The diet thus developed is more precise, milk production will be in line with expectations and metabolic risks are reduced.

With the Grain Corn Particle Size the breeder can evaluate his crushing process adjust it if necessary and thus reduce starch losses in the manure.

ELVUP - Corn Grain Particle Size. Photo: Sébastien Champion, SPACE

ELVUP – Corn Grain Particle Size. Photo: Sébastien Champion, SPACE


Concentrated disinfectant of plant and mineral origin

EKO GERM D is a concentrated foaming disinfectant based on lactic acid without petroleum derivatives or chemical additives. Its active compounds are 100% of vegetable origin and are derived from renewable resources. Its formula with a minimum of risk pictograms is without compromise on efficiency and performance. This product is part of the EKO range. It does not present any risk for the environment and the health of people and animals in the long term.

JOZ: Vario Sprocket

Chain wheel

JOZ produces drive units with which manure scrapers are propelled through the barn. A fertiliser scraper with chain uses a nest wheel or a direct drive from the motor to the chain and thus the slider. Over the years, wear of the nest wheel occurs. The space increases, so that the nest wheel on the drive station has to be replaced three times with regard to the life of the manure scraper. The Vario Sprocket changes this.

The Vario Sprocket can change its pitch, adapting to the varying pitch of the chain. 6 teeth, which can move independently of each other. The sprocket moves according to the relevant chain pitch. The teeth are fixed by a sprung structure, which distributes the forces evenly over several teeth. This reduces wear and compensates unequal chain link lengths. The teeth can also be replaced as wearing parts, without having to replace the complete drive wheel. The teeth can also be replaced without having to dismantle the entire chain. This sprocket wheel improves the ROI of conventional JOZ systems. It increases the lifespan of the entire installation. This means less tensioning and shortening of the chain, which further improves ease of use. This sprocket can be installed on existing installations.

JOZ - Vario Sprocket. Photo: SPACE

JOZ – Vario Sprocket. Photo: SPACE


Autonomous self-propelled mixer

The AURA autonomous self-propelled mixer combines the functions of loading, silage removal, weighing, mixing, distribution and feed pusher. It thus allows the farmer to have a completely autonomous precision feeding solution from the silo to the trough. The loading device allows silage removal directly at the silo for silage or even directly in long forage stocks.

With a capacity of 3 m3, AURA allows multi-distribution throughout the day in order to regularly provide a fresh ration from the silos. All AURA’s components have been sized to feed the herd at very low user costs.

The guidance outside the buildings is managed by GPS RTK technology combined with odometer, while inside buildings the guidance is handled by LIDAR combined with odometer.

The 42 kW diesel engine can be combined with hybridization, thus providing silent operation and 0 emissions during distribution.

KUHN - AURA, an aAutonomous self-propelled mixer. Photo: SPACE

KUHN – AURA, an aAutonomous self-propelled mixer. Photo: SPACE


Licking bucket support

FIXO QUATTRO – livestock equipment meant to support nutritional supplementation such as licking buckets for cattle and horses. Adapted to the size of the herd and adequate supply for a group of 60 animals.

By positioning buckets at height, FIXO QUATTRO avoids dirt from manure and trampling of buckets. It secures consumption of the supplementation to ensure their effectiveness to support nutritionals goals. Compared to a licking bucket on the ground, a higher consumption of 30% has been observed.

FIXO QUATTRO is a piece of rotomolded polyethylene resin which is intended to support 4 licking buckets of 20 to 25 kg or 4 basins of 10 to 15 kg each. It weighs 27 kg and measures 95 cm x 95 cm on its base and 62 cm high. It is easy to handle by a single person and fits in the boot of all commercial vehicles.

NUTRILAC - LA GEE – COSNET: FIXO QUATTRO. Support for licking buckets. Photo: SPACE.

NUTRILAC – LA GEE – COSNET: FIXO QUATTRO. Support for licking buckets. Photo: SPACE.

This year SPACE 2020, an international exhibition for animal production which takes places from 15 – 18 September, is a fully digital event due to the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic.


Celebrating it’s 25 year anniversary – since 1995, the Innov’Space award is a showcase for innovation that highlights the know-how of companies to livestock farmers. Among the 26 products selected as winners on 15 September, 18 of which received 1 star, and 8 received 2 stars.

Source and more info: SPACE 2020


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