Arla cuts 79 jobs over Russian import ban

07-11-2014 | |
Arla cuts 79 jobs over Russian import ban

The Russian government’s decision to boycott agricultural products from the EU will have an immediate and significant impact on the Danish dairy giant Arla. The company decided to cut 79 jobs.

On Wednesday, Lars Dalgraard from Arla said that the production for the Russian market has been growing over the last few years. “And because of this, the ban is felt hard by Arla and we have to cut jobs”, he said. Arla produces products for the Russian market in ten production plants.

In 2013, the total export value from Arla to Russia was worth about a billion kroner (135 million Euro). In particular, Arla exports butter and cheese to Russia and it is now trying to figure out which other markets that can replace that now closed market.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor