Automated cattle feeding; more to see at Eurotier 2014

07-11-2014 | |
Automated cattle feeding; more to see at Eurotier 2014

The use of automatic feeding systems is advancing in dairy cattle, young stock and beef bull husbandry. But what degree of automation is expedient?

Answers to this question will be provided by a Special “Automated cattle feeding – From silo to rumen”, which is being organized by DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) together with exhibitors at EuroTier, being held in Hanover from 11 to 14 November 2014.

The different technical solutions will be presented in a practical environment here, with live demonstrations. This will give visitors the opportunity to inspect the modes of operation of the systems in detail. The focus will be on different solutions for feeding grass and maize silage, as well as hay/straw and mineral feed or feed concentrate. Both the mixing operation and delivery of the mixture to the feeding table can be followed. Alongside the technical demonstrations, information islands will be set up on the topics of “animal welfare”, “environment”, “costs” and “feeding management”, staffed by experts from the sectors of consultancy, science and research, and industry.

In addition, substantial attention will be devoted to “Automated cattle feeding” at the “Cattle Forum”, where lectures and discussions will be offered daily between 14:00 h and 16:00 with simultaneous German/English interpreting.

Further information on the EuroTier Special “Automated cattle feeding – From silo to rumen” is available from DLG. Contact: Dieter Mirbach, phone: +49/69/24788-312, e-mail:

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