Training to become a better dairy manager

14-07-2016 | |
<em>Photo: Mark Pasveer</em>
Photo: Mark Pasveer

The consortium of Aeres University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), Cownexxion and Global Dairy Farmers have set up a one-year training course for dairy farmers.

The program is aimed at training dairy farmers to become better in managing a large scale dairy operation. After finishing this training, the attendees have stepped up their people, profit and process management skills in such a way that leadership becomes second nature.

This one-year training is a hands-on elite management training divided into four phases and a concluding final fifth phase. Each phase focuses on different technical topics which are crucial to successfully and sustainably run an industrial dairy farm.

Each period kicks off with two intensive weeks of masterclasses by industrial farming experts, chief executives of the dairy industry and dairy task-force coaches through workshops, lectures, excursions and practical training.

Together with a coach, attendees will define their personal leadership goals, which will be continuously analysed, adjusted and improved. After the training, attendees will return for 8-10 weeks to their own place of work to put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice.

The training starts in September 2016. If you are interested, please contact Ms Yvonne Leenders, manager Global Dairy Farmers

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