Treat mastitis on your terms? Watch this On-Demand webinar now!

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Treat mastitis on your terms? Watch this On-Demand webinar now!
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Treat mastitis on your terms? Watch this On Demand webinar now!

Mastitis has a devastating impact on the herd and the bottom line of any dairy farm. Imagine detecting Gram-positive mastitis in just 8 hours using a simple flow dipstick test. This kind of informed mastitis management can transform the way you manage mastitis, your cows and your bottom line. Want to know more? Check out our webinar, which took place in September 2023. 

Norma Brady

With mastitis costing the global dairy industry up to $32 billion annually, efficient management is more critical than ever. In this webinar, attendees see how Vetscan Mastigram+ could reshape dairy and veterinary operations, support more informed decision making, drive sustainable practices and healthier herds.

Speakers during this webinar:

  • Norma Brady, Zoetis medical lead, Diagnostic Platforms
  • Jude Roberts, veterinary consultant, Map of Ag
Jude Roberts

During their presentations, they explored how Zoetis’ first on-farm mastitis diagnostic, Vetscan Mastigram+, can impact workflows, offering the opportunity for more targeted, or even reduced, antimicrobial treatment while boosting overall herd health.

If you would also like to get insights into optimising treatment costs, increasing productivity, and maximising milk quality – check out this webinar now!

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Zana van Dijk Editor Dairy Global