EuroTier’s technical programme for dairy and cattle farming

25-10-2022 | |
Photo: Henk Riswick
Photo: Henk Riswick

EuroTier will present those in the dairy and beef sectors with a pool of information on modern cattle farming and breeding at the upcoming trade show.

On each of the 4 exhibition days in the ‘Milk & Cattle’ forum, exhibitors and experts will discuss solutions and exchange experiences concerning various themes from the dairy and beef sectors, including issues relating to animal welfare, organic livestock farming and how to make cows more climate friendly. The DLG Spotlight ‘Whole-farm Livestock Management Concepts’ will focus on innovative livestock concepts in animal housing construction.

Meeting point for breeders: ‘TopTierTreff’ (hall 11)

The ‘TopTierTreff’ in hall 11 will see international breeding companies and organisations from the dairy and beef cattle sectors presenting themselves and their breeding animals. Breeding animals and offspring from various dairy breeds will be presented several times a day on stage.

A technical programme concerning breeding issues as well as milk and meat production will also be held.

Each day from 10 am, dairy cattle breeds (Holstein Friesians, Angler, Brown Swiss), breeding animals and followers will be presented live on the rotating stage, together with beef cattle breeds, dual-purpose breeds, international sheep and goat breeds, as well as a Noriker horse.

Information on suckler cow husbandry, intensive beef production and extensive robust cattle production as well as breeding, milk and meat production will also be presented and discussed.

Whole-farm Livestock Management Concepts (hall 26)

Possible whole-farm livestock management concepts that aim to give consideration to animal welfare, cost-effectiveness and environmental aspects will be presented at stand B06 in hall 26. Here, different concepts will be discussed with experts on the basis of 3D animations and presentation boards.

Feed for Future (hall 21)

New and proven feeding stuffs and feeding methods increase animal welfare or reduce nutrient surpluses to enable balanced nutritional and environmentally friendly use. The origin and composition as well as the possible uses of familiar and innovative feeding stuffs, processes and recipes will be presented and evaluated in the DLG Spotlight ‘Feed for Future’ in hall 21. This will also include innovative sources of protein from algae and insects as alternatives for supplying protein.

Direct Farm Sales (hall 26)

Processing on the farm and direct sales of meat and milk are becoming attractive for an increasing number of cattle farms. Technical solutions, products and services as well as current marketing strategies will be summarised in a DLG Spotlight based on best-practice examples for the first time at EuroTier 2022.

Cattle & Pig event

From 6 pm on the evening prior to EuroTier, animal owners, consultants, scientists and exhibitors will be meeting up at the Cattle & Pig Event in room 2 of the Convention Center to discuss an important theme: ‘Livestock farming between desire and reality’.

Milk & Cattle forum: discussion panels (hall 12)

The ‘Milk & Cattle’ forum at stand A23 in hall 12 will offer a topical range of themes for dairy and beef cattle farmers. Daily, experts from the fields of consulting, science and farming will discuss the future of beef and dairy cattle farming, and solutions to future challenges.

Talk Tier (Animals) (Hall 26, stand B33)

At DLG Talk Tier (Animals), a panel of experts from science, consulting and practice will discuss major challenges facing the international livestock industry, from agricultural policy and food security to climate change, animal welfare and sustainability.

Natalie Kinsley Freelance correspondent
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