New range of vertical feeders

13-12-2016 | |
New range of vertical feeders. Photo: Picasa
New range of vertical feeders. Photo: Picasa

A new range of vertical feeders has been launched by Irish machinery specialist Keenan, in a joint venture with the Italian firm Storti.

First unveiled at this year’s Agromek Show in Denmark, the 2 companies have built a range of twin- and triple-auger vertical feeders, which indicates the first in an exciting array of collaborative projects between the two. Although Keenan, now acquired by the Alltech Group (see box), has a long relationship and reputation with the paddle feeder, the company sees the introduction of a vertical offering to their range as a major development.

The new Keenan VA2 -18 vertical feeder. Photo: Picasa

The new Keenan VA2 -18 vertical feeder. Photo: Picasa

Twin and triple augers

On display in Denmark was the new Keenan VA2-18 feeder which is the first in the new series of vertical auger models that is being brought to market featuring twin and triple augers for the more than 18-cubic-metre space. Under the joint agreement Keenan will sell the twin and triple vertical auger models from 18 cubic metres upwards. There are 7 twin-auger VA2 models in the range to include capacities of 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 and 33 cubic metres. There are three triple-auger machines, namely the VA3-36 (36 cubic metres), VA3-40 (40 cubic metres) and VA3-44 (44 cubic metres). According to the company it is not selling any single auger models, smaller twin auger models or any of the Storti self-propelled models.

Machine reliability

Speaking in Denmark Matt Higgins, Keenan commercial director, said: “Keenan has always been proponents of the unique quality of the MechFiber mix produced by our paddle diet feeders. “However, in Storti we have found the best vertical machine in the market and have successfully enhanced the output from this machine with the addition of our InTouch technology. These vertical auger machines do not produce the Holy Grail that is the MechFiber mix. However, the nutritional output they can now produce has been greatly optimised thanks to implementing our unique algorithms for the exact mixing order, speed and rotations”, Higgens said. He further explained that the company is confident that the Keenan vertical offering is the best the market has seen, both in terms of build quality and production benefits to the farmer. Keenan says the new vertical models will continue to uphold the company values of machine reliability as well as low power and maintenance requirements.

InTouch technology

Engineered to optimise the use of space, the Keenan VA2 and Keenan VA3 machines allow materials to be rapidly and efficiently mixed into the overall total mixed ration. The robust range of machines are fitted with a number of features as standard, including, heavy-duty augers with long-lasting, tungsten-coated blades; front (RHS) and rear (LHS) discharge doors with trays for dual feed out and 2 additional blades located at the top of each auger for faster processing of bales. They also feature Keenan InTouch technology; sprint paddles for speed and consistency of feed out; two-speed gearbox with mechanical cable adjustment to switch between gearbox speeds and a hay ring. Mr Higgins added: “The Keenan name has always been associated with quality of build, functionality and reliability. We wanted the new machines to reflect these attributes and in doing so have produced a range of vertical feeders of fantastic spec, as is standard.”

About Keenan

Keenan was acquired by animal nutrition company Alltech in 2016. “The Keenan group has long been a friend of Alltech. This is a story about two great Irish; globally-minded companies coming together. Together we can deliver greater value to our global farming customers with a wider variety of technological solutions,” said Dr Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. Alltech and Keenan will work together on possible growth opportunities, including nutritional technologies and feeding programmes focused on feed efficiency and herd health as well as advanced ration formulation. Keenan is headquartered in Borris, Co. Carlow, Ireland. Together, Alltech and Keenan employ nearly 300 people in Ireland and close to 5,000 globally. KEENAN machines are now being exported to Romania, India, Japan, China and Latin America, with more new market opportunities being explored.

Chris Mccullough Freelance multi-media journalist