Sneak peak at Eurotier’s dairy innovations

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Sneak peak at Eurotier’s dairy innovations

Seeing and hearing the best dairy cows the genetic companies have to offer at the Eurotier Toptiertreff will be a certain highlight. However, the latest developments in how to manage the animals best is where a farmer can make the difference. Dairy Global took a sneak peak at the latest innovations that will be presented during Eurotier.

Eurotier represents by far the largest European and world innovations market for process engineering machinery and equipment, farm inputs, management and software, animal housing installations, and animal housing and barn construction for the entire world of professional animal farming. Altogether 270 innovations from all over the world were submitted to Eurotier 2014. This year the areas of machinery and equipment for milking and refrigeration, management and software, animal housing and barn construction proved to be particularly innovative.

Trends in keeping cattle and milking technology
The companies are really taking their developments to the next level, with the aim of improving or optimising feeding. Both machinery and equipment for more expert silage making and feeding systems for dispensing more homogenous feed rations will be on show. In the case of mechanical milk extraction it is clear that innovations in modern milking machinery and equipment have by no means been fully exploited yet and that forward-pointing further developments are possible in the areas of ‘gentle’ milking and udder health, as well as in hygiene and disinfecting.

In addition, this year’s Eurotier bears evidence to the fact that not only are highly innovative solutions being developed for the ‘classic dairy animal’, leading to essential improvements in working and hygiene conditions, but also that these new approaches are substantially improving work performance.

The trend in the areas of management and software are moving towards comprehensive system solutions, which alongside the – wherever possible automatic – collection, documentation and assessment of individual animal parameters and operating data, also provide more indications of any weaknesses in the management and derive approaches for optimising the conditions.

Eurotier, don’t miss it

A globally unique exhibition programme for dairy farmers with the latest innovations, trends and best dairy cows at the show. The Eurotier at the Fairgrounds in Hanover is the place to be in November. From 11 to 14 November all leading companies (2300 in total) from all over the world will be present, presenting a comprehensive programme ranging from breeding to milking technology, from keeping to feeding technology, from animal housing construction to extensive offerings in the areas of animal health and hygiene, as well as feed. The great attraction and an absolute must for cattle breeders will be the ‘Toptiertreff’ in Hall 27. Top cattle genetics from German and international dairy and beef breeds will be on show on all four days of the exhibition on the revolving stage. Visit for more information.

Nedap Cow Positioning with integrated Heat Detection and Health Monitoring

To support the dairy farmer in quickly tracking specific animals within a large herd, Nedap has developed the Cow Positioning system. From now on tracking animals, such as those that need individual care, is no longer a time consuming activity. The Nedap Cow Positioning technology is combined with the Nedap Heat Detection and Health Monitoring systems which provide indications of potential health problems or risks. The system registers the position of the individual animals on the basis of several beacons that are mounted in the barn. The 3D magnetic field sensor in the Nedap SmartTag Neck communicates with the beacon every 5 seconds; all information is real time available on all kinds of mobile and fixed devises.

Bewisan Procur for secure calf rearing

With the product innovation Bewisan Procur feed manufacturer BEWITAL agri offers a natural health product for calves whose supporting effect against infectious diarrhoea was confirmed by comprehensive field trials. Calf diarrhoea causes considerable problems during rearing. Besides the well-known diarrhoea pathogens like e.coli, rota- and corona viruses’ studies have shown that cryptosporidium are the main cause of diarrhoea. Once a farm is infected the best colostrum management- and hygiene methods will not help. In order to secure rearing at times of high risk of infection a support of the calf is

Cow Welfare cow mattress CHY

Comfort High Yield or CHY, that is the name of the latest innovation in cow mattresses. Company Cow Welfare developed a new sloped mattress with varying material densities to support the cow in an optimal way. Latex Soft CHY was developed to minimise the weight on the joints of the cows while lying down. Experiments have shown that the burden is on the root of the forefoot joints, when the cows are lying down with a pressure of 350-480 kg. The cow itself weighs 500-600 kg, so the weight pressure on the root of the forefoot joints is more than 60% of the cow’s body weight. The new mattress has two different comfort zones and the gradient in the rear area of the mattress provides the stability of the mattress for maximum comfort and cleanliness for the

Dairymaster Swiftcool tank

Imagine a tank that can offer you intelligent control, remote monitoring and control with superior construction which will safely store your livelihood when your work is done – Dairymaster are launching their new range of Milk Cooling Tanks at Eurotier 2014 which does all of this and much more. The Dairymaster Milk Cooling Tanks offer better control, more efficient cooling and superior construction. With the Cool Assist Control the tank cooling can be managed via smartphone. Up to now milk tank design hadn’t significantly developed and little consideration was given to performance or new technologies. Increasing profitability on the dairy farms and considering that milk cooling can account for up to 40% of energy costs it was evident that this was an area which could be improved.

Gea farm technologies

GEA Farm Technologies has become a new partner of 365FarmNet together creating a top-level farm management information system for the entire farm operation. GEA has integrated the dairy management software, DairyNet, as successor to its proven software, DairyPlan C21, into the operational management software, 365FarmNet by the correspondent, independent company for software-based services. This means that, for the first time, the farmer is able to map, document, evaluate and control his crop and cattle farming processes using a single software interface. The farm management information system gives the farmer flexibility, security and freedom of action, due to an added mobile app. In addition to its global use in the operational management software, the DairyNet software can be implemented as a stand-alone solution locally on dairy farms.

Lemmer-Fullwood Merlin View 
herd controlling

Making precision farming even more precise, that is the drive of Lemmer-Fullwood. At Eurotier the company will present their new Merlin View herd controlling system. The software of the system can be plugged into almost any process on the dairy farm and gives real time information about these processes on the so called Dashboard overview page. Via the Merlin milk system it monitors the whole herd and the milking equipment, new is the addition of an analysis of cleaning and disinfection, the performance of the AMS and a tank overview with the mean percentages of fat, protein and lactose.

Milkrite Impulse Air

Developing triangular milk liners and introducing air into the system above the milk via a small opening helps to improve the cow’s udder health and prevent mastitis. It takes the milk away much more efficiently and prevents splashback, keeping the teats dry and ensures low teat vacuum. The triangular liner prevents pinch points at the teats, fits a wider range of teats and stays on better, speeding up milking and improving teat condition.

Provimi farm efficiency

At Provimi it is all about feed efficiency, leading to more farm efficiency, their new programme that will enhance knowledge of the dry matter part of the roughage and it’s feed value. By measuring exactly what is in the bunk silo the uptake of nutrients can be improved by the right kind of additive. By improving the efficiency of the rumen the amount of roughage per litre of milk can come down, improving farm economics. With a growing demand of animal protein and scarcer resources Provimi wants to take responsibility and use all technology possible to bring their best nutritional concepts to the farm.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in chief Poultry World