Special DairyTech at VIV Asia 2017

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Special DairyTech at VIV Asia 2017. Photo: Anne van der Woude
Special DairyTech at VIV Asia 2017. Photo: Anne van der Woude

The 2017 edition of VIV Asia will include a milk-focused package of a dedicated conference, seminars and an expo pavilion, as a Special called DairyTech. Dairy Global is partnering with the VIV organisers in the conference.

The Asia-Pacific region is now the world’s largest milk producer, with regional production having grown at a rate of almost 4.5% per year over the past 35 years. In 2016, Asia has produced about 327 million tonnes of milk (equivalent to 40% of the world total). Out of an increase of 140 million tonnes projected for global output by 2025, almost 60% is expected to come from Asian countries.

“It is certainly an exciting time to be featuring the Asian dairy sector at VIV Asia,” comments DairyTech Special co-ordinator Anel Ćeman of VIV worldwide. “Among individual countries in Asia, India’s milk production has increased by as much as 14% in the last 3 years while the growth rate in China in that time has been over 7%.

The focus on dairy at the VIV Asia starts with an invitation-only DairyTech Conference in downtown Bangkok on Tuesday 14 March, the day before VIV Asia 2017 opens its doors. Working with partners including Dairy Global (Proagrica), Global Dairy Farmers, UN-FAO and the Thai Holstein Friesian Association, VIV worldwide has prepared an agenda for the full-day meeting to discuss practical aspects of dairy cow management, farm biosecurity and diet optimisation.

Then on Wednesday, 15 March, the spotlight moves to the show itself at Bangkok’s BITEC exhibition centre. On this occasion DairyTech will host an expo pavilion, to be found in the in the sector farm production displaying dairy equipment. Also a series of DairyTech commercial seminars will be listed, to be held at the BITEC showgrounds during VIV Asia 2017. To round off our programme there will be the option to join a Dairy Farm Visit.

VIV Asia 2017 will take place 15-17 March in Bangkok, Thailand. To register for free, click here:

To learn more about the sponsor possibilities that Dairy Global has to offer for part of the invitation-only conference, please contact our team of account managers.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor